"The changing nature of your thoughts leads to a change in this world"

 - Just think, I stop to think so!
What ?! The world has changed around me?
 - Change.
 - It can not be !? What he did not
I have so much time?
 - Me. If every thought we think
changing - changing world. He,
Indeed, changes and opens
to you by the other party, which
Previously, you could not see.
 - Well, I certainly, but efforts
need to make at least.
 - Why do you have to spend less effort?
In connection with what?
 - How should it be? We must
understand that it is necessary to constantly
hold voltage?
 - You just open another!
For you, the effort will not be a burden. This
no effort. It's just going
The joy of life. Other qualitative
Happiness, madness, ecstasy - all in us.

(From a lecture George Theology)


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