Anger, laziness, and irritability is a direct way to gastritis

Disease come to us through improper contact of the senses with the world, wrong actions, wrong thoughts, emotions, desires, or due to the effect of bad karma and have their own classification in accordance with the character and subtle structure of a human being:

  • Disease the body inflammatory processes in different organs: Hepatitis (liver inflammation), cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder), pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas), etc.
  • Prana disease — asthma, hypotension, hypertension, etc.
  • Disease of mind - epilepsy, schizophrenia, psychopathy, hysteria, etc.
  • Diseases of the mind — depression, apathy, misunderstanding of the meaning of life, about determination, belief in non-existent things, etc.


Simplicity is a kind of humility. Smart people can also be simple. Simplicity — one of the qualities of an enlightened person. We often joke that "simplicity is worse than theft", but misunderstand that an ordinary person can be very wise. A wise man always easy to communicate in life. Not simple, not intelligent enough, as the lack of ease means selfishness.

Selfishness is the direct opposite of reason, as actions can influence two major forces: or the mind, or selfishness. Therefore, the lack of simplicity speaks of the foolishness of man. The simplicity should not be confused with gullibility and naivety, these two traits also undoubtedly a sign of stupidity.

Simple in thoughts, will, emotions and desires, protected from inflammatory processes in the kidneys. Pride and ambition leads to chronic inflammatory processes in the kidneys. Excessive gullibility and naivety cause acute inflammation in the renal tissue.


This quality of character gives the kidney the ability to work without excessive burden and normalizes the tonus of the renal tubules and blood vessels of the kidneys. If the person is closed, it is automatically reloaded into the activities of one of the kidneys. As a result of this overload aktiviziruyutsya the adrenal gland with one side or the other, and he, in turn, increases the pressure.

Isolation volitional decisions leads to right-sided hypertension insularity in thought and restraint in emotions leads to left-sided hypertension. Tension and stiffness lead to spasms in the renal vessels and tubules, which can cause inflammation and hypertension.

Openness, passion and ignorance — the inability to concentrate and excessive looseness in behavior. Both of these qualities lead to the decline of tone the kidneys and as a result of impaired regulation of blood pressure in the body.


Complaisance in goodness is the ability to accept another's will or someone else's point of view, using the knowledge of how to do the right thing, ignoring their selfish desires and interests. Such complaisance leads to good persistent immunity to various renal infections.

Intractability, distrust leads to autoimmune processes in the renal tissues. Naïve complaisance, not based on knowledge, leads to the tendency to infectious processes in the kidneys.


This quality of character causes normal elasticity of blood vessels. The rigidity of the character causes an increase in the density and fragility of blood vessels of the kidneys. The spinelessness leads to excessive elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to the varices of the renal vessels. Optimism gives a good tone to the vessels. Pessimism reduces the tone of renal vessels. The optimism of passion or excessive agitation causes hypertonicity of the vessels.


Kidney is a paired organ, therefore, it should be noted that the influence of the mind on the left kidney will be quite different from the influence of the mind on the right kidney. The left kidney is affected by thoughts and emotions, and on the right desire and will of man. There is a difference, which hurts the kidneys.

It is also important to know that the kidneys are behind, so their activity depends on our subconscious functions, from the tone of our mind. The tone of the mind is associated with deep processes dependent on the influence of the planets because of our past actions. The main qualities of mind that affect kidney tissue is simplicity, openness, docility.

Blood vessels of the kidneys get health from the tenderness and optimism of a person. These qualities of character manifested in volitional functions, lead to the normal operation of vessels of the right kidney. Softness and optimism in the emotions and thoughts contribute to the normal work of the left kidney.


With the ability to forgive, humility and gentleness in emotions, thoughts, speech, desires, will and actions of man the ureters are healthy. The ability to forgive leads to increased immunity of the ureters and the strength to deal with inflammatory processes. Resentment causes a decrease in immunity and an increase in all kinds of inflammation in the ureters.

Anger leads to erosive processes in the ureters. Humility gives the ureters stable working tone. Ambition causes them to spasm. Depression leads to a decrease in tone of the ureters. The softness of nature gives the person the normal elasticity of the ureters. Rigidity of character causes a decrease in their elasticity.

If a person has one kidney, so, in a past life, of his mental or volitional function suffered. If there is no left kidney, then in a past life was a strong depression in the emotions and thoughts associated with traits giving strength to the kidneys. For example, depressing the seclusion of thoughts and desires, inordinate ambition, the feeling that people do not give a correct assessment of the merits and achievements.


Its functions depend mainly on speech and human activities. The mucous membrane of the stomach has a good function due to tenderness, kindness and warmth in speech and human activities. Gentle speech and activities stabilize the ability of the stomach to absorb food. Vulgar language and rude behavior lead to a decrease in nutrient absorption in the mucosa of the stomach.

Mush and sycophancy leads to excessive absorptive activity. Kindness normalizes protein acidity in the body. Anger causes an increase in the allocation of pepsin, leading to gastritis. Negativity gradually leads to decreased production of pepsin in the body. The warmth in the speech and behavior normalizes the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

The coldness in language and behavior causes a decrease in hydrochloric acid and gives gastritis with low acidity. Goryachest, passionate nature leads to increased hydrochloric acid that causes gastritis with high acidity. The smooth muscles of the stomach get health and strength from confidence in speaking and hard work. Confidence in the character, gives smooth muscles good tone.

Uncertainty reduces the tone of smooth muscles of the stomach. Confusion causes severe reduction of smooth muscle tone. The audacity of excessive muscle tone of the stomach. Hard work gives strength and idleness reduces the strength of the muscles of the stomach, leading to distension and enlargement of the abdomen.

Passionate labor causes an increase of the muscular wall of the stomach that leads to excessive contractions and spasms of blood vessels in the stomach. The vessels of the stomach get health from such qualities of character as joy, gentleness in conduct and speech. Stiffness in speech and activity causes a decrease in elasticity of blood vessels. Tosca reduces vascular tone. Over-stimulation in speech and behavior overly increases their tone.


Your health the esophagus takes from the tranquility, gentleness and confidence that are manifested in the speech and deeds of man. Calm normalizes the tonus of the esophagus. Fear in speech and actions lead to spasms and other types of violations of the tone of the esophagus. Depression, depression in their actions and speech, cause a reduction in tone of the esophagus, which leads to impaired movement of food bolus.

The softness gives the elasticity of the walls of the esophagus. Dry nature causes a decrease in elasticity. Spoiled leads to excessive compliance of the esophageal wall that can lead to diverticula. Confidence in speech and actions gives the esophagus a good immune system and helps fight inflammatory processes.

Doubt, uncertainty in behavior leads to reduced immunity in the esophagus and the appearance in it of inflammatory processes. Overconfidence also disrupts immune function. The esophagus often suffer from a lack of gentleness and complaisance. If a person is very dry and intractable, he may develop narrowing of the esophagus, which will bring a lot of problems.

When a person enters a state of anxiety, he can choke, as the smooth muscle wall of the esophagus in this condition randomly start to decline. So, before you sit down at a table, you must enter the state of peace and calmness, otherwise you may have unexpected trouble. Warmth towards others people gives good digestion.

The quality of tenderness causes good blood circulation in the stomach. Kindness helps to digest food. Evil people are all bad learns, so he's thin. Anger the person loses weight. Full people can be angry, but the wicked will not. Full, fat people are usually good. Why? Because without kindness, nothing will be absorbed. So, for example, a person angry all the time. Who can reassure? A good wife. As soon as he gets a good wife, immediately begins to recover. Even mother's often say, “You have married, then it would be a little better”. Why?

Because a good wife to her husband, you receive the satisfaction and kindness. So slowly he "dobreet" and is recovering. If in spite of that anger and rudeness prevail in nature, it is possible after chronic gastritis to wait for stomach ulcers. Pungent, intense, overly solid speech or violent activity, the desire to overcome all obstacles of any securities, all to overcome — these character qualities often cause stomach ulcers.


The main symptoms of gastritis is anger, laziness, irritability, apathy, cruelty, despair. Anger contributes to the development of gastritis with high acidity. Since the stomach is located on the middle axis, its activity depends on our activities.

If we draw a line from the center of the forehead, all the organs that are on this line, associated with human activities. Anger occurs when unmet lower centers give their desecrated a fiery energy to the upper psychic centers. When a person, for example, tends to comfort, and pleasure, but destiny to him there is no opportunity to have it all, he becomes angry.


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The fire of unsatisfied egoism gives rise to a lot of trouble. If you indulge your pet senses — lust, greed, selfishness, anger periodically starts to burn in the mind and gives rise to numerous diseases. If you work with anger at someone, the mucous membrane of the stomach, comes in anxiety, as her tender attitude to people. Anger fills the stomach desecrated a fiery power, and as a result of excessive increases production of gastric juices and digestive enzymes, which leads to gastritis with high acidity.published





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