Chinese medicine on the consequences of anger and irritation for health

Anger and irritation need to learn to control. According to the Chinese system of U-Shin, anger and irritation and cause irreparable damage to health. Stop the attack of anger and irritation is possible using a range of measures, on the physical and psychological levels.

The destructive power of anger
Anger - it is as a powerful force, and how destructive energy, which is reflected not only on others, but on the irritation and anger man

. Splash anger and harmful outside and inside, restrained irritation destroys health from the inside, as the output is always the same - in the balance of power "giving and receiving»

. Like other emotions, anger arises at the level of methyl evaluation or thoughts of the situation and tends to accumulate in the case was not immediately manifest.

The negative effects of anger

health There are many cases where people literally suffocated, choked or choked in a fit of rage and anger.

Restrained anger and irritation inside leaving cause ulcers and gastritis.

Accumulated irritation grows in the form of tumors of the liver and pancreas.

Anger, affecting the liver leads to mastitis and breast cancer.

Anger can lead to illness of the person on whom the roof caved in fury, hatred and curses.

Gaza and constipation are the result of repressed anger and irritation.

Accumulated anger leads to stress, which often leads to sudden panic attacks and insomnia.

Chinese medicine, the system U-Shin, irritation and anger

According to the Chinese medicine system, U-Shin any emotion, and anger is not an exception arises in the Heart meridian.

By Channel Heart of anger and irritation spread to other organs and affect the body inside lead to numerous diseases, according to the teachings of the Five Elements U-Shin.

As can be seen the destructive power of anger arises in irritable heart (fire) into the lungs channel (Metal), then goes into the liver (Wood) and eventually can affect the spleen (Earth).

What are the implications for health causes anger according to U-Shin
So, anger - a fire that like wildfire quickly spreads throughout the body and destroying all life in its path

. When Metal Fire wins. Anger gets into human lungs, he begins to choke and if the body does not have the forces to bring irritation to the liver, then in the pleural cavity fluid begins to accumulate, which can lead to death or asthma attacks and asthma. Therefore, if your environment has a sick, try to fence them from situations that could cause irritation emotional reaction.

When Metal Wood wins. If a person's energy level is high enough, then the anger of the light transmitted to the liver. The liver, if the irritation has not been kept - the endpoint energy of anger suppression. A healthy liver is easily recycles coming from lung irritation and scatters it. notice what anger and irritable are alcoholics, whose liver is not healthy?

When Wood wins Earth. Many people suppress caused irritation and anger. Then the energy of anger may fall from the liver to the spleen and then two versions of events. (1) If a person has a lot of energy, the irritation causing chain reactions and the spleen begins to actively produce white blood cells. Increased body temperature, red man. Many people who are diagnosed with leukocytosis, perhaps only shortly before the suppressed rage or fury. (2) If the energy level is low, then it transmits the rage spleen stomach, leading to ulcer or perforation of its shell. If a person with low energy (under stress) and accumulates constantly suppress the irritation it can cause stomach cancer.

When anger is dissipated in the lungs. Sometimes the suppressed energy of irritation does not affects the lungs, but as it scattered in it. In this case, anger enters the paired organ - the intestine that leads to constipation

. Irritation and cancer. Often anger causes cancer of the organs, which are the target of irritation: the liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, intestines. We should not only relieve the patient of the habit irritated, but also to change the image of power, and most importantly a way of thinking and attitude towards life.

CONCLUSION: The attack of anger and frustration can affect the liver. Pent anger affects the spleen and stomach. Scattered anger leads to intestinal diseases. If a person's energy level is low, the anger leads to the accumulation of pleural fluid in the lungs. Irritation and anger - open the door to many diseases

. How to stop an attack of anger and irritation
Dame several recommendations overall plan, as you've probably already realized what kind of anger affects your organs can be identified by their chronic diseases.

Physical and mental ways to stop the tantrum:

At the level of the body: unclench his fingers clenched into fists and relax your shoulders, Weigh jaw clenched lips, and for a moment zazhmurte, and then relax your eyes

. At the level of respiration: coughing take a sharp breath, it will take a deep breath (as it pushes you irritation of the lungs)

. Physio procedure: as prevention of accumulated irritation, after a day filled with stress poparte legs with mustard and drink of tea with raspberries. Propoteyte - anger come through the sweat on the back (Channel bladder)

. Massage the point of Tai Chun channel Liver: to find out where the Tai-chun point type in Yandex or Google "Atlas akupnkturnyh points." It is located in the recess between the first and second metatarsal bones, posterior to the metatarsophalangeal joints on days 0, 5 cun (finger). Instead, you can use magnetic massage vacuum banks at a point on both feet. This is the point of excess output energy of the liver, including anger.

Self-therapy anger is difficult, so please consult a psychologist or qigong masters

. Spa treatments: good Russian bath - and propoteete and prostuchite Gallbladder channel (on the thighs) and clean the lungs of accumulated mucus as a result of anger.


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