Emotional overload of modern woman

Being a woman is now more complicated than before. It's true. The question is not only in the fact that we now have the possibility, on which the head is spinning. Although this has influence on us. We can really ease your housework, childcare, travel around the world. A lot of things can. These features are actually also create difficulties for us - the choice flour, flour observation of others and trying to do something similar. This overloads the mind of a woman who is already very sensitive.

Let's look in more detail. It is this part - the emotional burden on a woman. Imagine the life of a hundred years ago. There is a certain Mary, she lives in the village of a hundred houses, almost all know. Summary of the existence of Masha know 200-300 people (plus or minus). In a relationship with it are made a hundred. And, respectively, as their perceived it too, from one hundred to three hundred. The rest of the population of the earth unknown to her, as she was to them. So their pain for it is unfamiliar, and it does not touch the psyche.

Now Mary, living in a big city, can every day to deal with hundreds of people. Many of whom she sees only once, but somehow or other they can influence on her life. And because of the Internet and TV Masha learns everything around. And where is the line ends with "their own", for which Mary should worry?

Before she could face the death of a maximum of three hundred times - if the whole village with something to happen. And now? Every day something happens. Go the war, planes fall, people get sick, they get into an accident. If Masha lives with an open heart, all of these people for it - as their own. And that means - loss and grief. Every day.

Only the holy people can live in this universe of pain is constant and not close to your heart, not ocherstvlyatsya not die every time with someone on the other end of the globe. A normal girl Masha?

She becomes unbearably hard on his emotionality, sensitivity, openness. That is, the female manifestation of nature. Unbearably difficult and painful. And then - probably - it closes. Closes his heart against the pain. Since the flow of information can not be closed. But if the heart is closed, it is hid it from all. And by love, and by the universal energy that could feed Masha. So Masha no strength, no desire to do something about it, her life is boring and mediocre. Unfortunately. Love your heart Masha tries, but it's the same thing as kissing someone wearing a bucket on his head. It can cause pain and is easy and fun no.

This is the first factor of emotional overload - the inability to protect her heart from the pain, which occurs in the world. You can stop watching and reading the news, I usually recommend that all girls. But how many can? After close-they will continue to include news, talk about the events ...

And now that there are Mary of the world may know other people. And someone will be glad someone like Maria very much. And someone on the contrary - think about Masha something bad. Even express. To be beautiful within their village is not so difficult - there is usually a single standard, all know each other, become familiar. And then random people - pass by and cast replicas Heavy! Thin! Ugly! Stupid! Strabismus!

And people simply can not keep silent, because they all pulled out. Some coincidence, someone deliberately - to hurt others do. And what to do with it then Masha? She's a girl, so emotional and sensitive. Its nature - to accept and receive love

. This is the second factor of emotional overload - the noise of others' opinions about the most Masha. It may no longer be like everyone else - do not show their pictures, not to communicate in social networks. Theoretically can. Almost - almost none. Rarely, some women can currently refuse to virtual communication, which has become commonplace for everyone around.

The third factor - it is an opportunity to see other people's lives. Possibility unique. Watch, be inspired, to change itself. But we can and envy, wishing hard for myself at the moment, compare your family and herself - not in their favor. After all, on the Internet at all all so beautiful, almost perfect picture without one most hated by many second hand - the internal mental labor. And life.

Mary sits with her baby in the decree, barely has time to cook, get out-play. And he sees that some Katya has two children, and she was already thin, and goes to restaurants, and the husband gives her flowers armfuls. Once up and running. When it succeeds? And Masha begins to seem that the problem is not in Kata (which with all of this, maybe your kids do not see), and in it, Masha. And now household chores cause her more and emotional discomfort. Because "I'm here all bogged down, and all the people as people." I think many girls sitting in the decree more than a year, this feeling is familiar somehow.

The feeling of worthlessness, lack of implementation often begins here, at the point when the "others better." And as it is impossible to turn off the camera aimed at the wrong house. It is now normal, customary. All somehow leave their windows open at home sometimes. When the house in order, the children are smiling, and her husband brought flowers ....

It is important that this becomes another point of overload thin female psyche. And this, too, you can not hide. It makes a big fuss Masha greater hurry, trying to catch larger. More than nature put Masha.

The fourth factor - it is a choice. It is now so much! That was just before - came to the store for bread, and there is one loaf of white and one black. That's the whole selection. Sometimes there is no black, and everything becomes easier. Now bakeries crammed with dozens of varieties of bread. So simple, read labels, choose. And accept the burdens once - "What if I make a mistake in his choice┬╗

. The choice has to do every day. What is that look, what to wear, what to do, what to learn, to communicate with anyone, what to buy, what to give ... And all the responsibility for that choice - on fragile female shoulders. Because if the husband does not like a new dish - blame you. If a child is not given to the school - to blame you. If you bought an unhealthy oil - it is also your responsibility

. Leave the choice in a world that consists of a set each seconds raw elections impossible. We can only reduce the number of situations to give the reins of the Board husband (men choose easier). But all there is, my husband? And if Mary trusts her husband, even if she has one? What if he does not buy it, do not schedule a vacation there ....

The fifth factor - children. Before taking care of the children fell on the shoulders of the entire extended family, where there were 5-6 women. It was not so difficult. And now my mother is left alone with the child and their feelings. Mothers-in-law and sometimes not only does not help, but also to prevent it from being in contact with each other and their children.

Constant anxiety over their future. Before, everything was clear. Grow up, graduated from high school (or finishes), will work in the field with his father, or in the factory. If you get a higher education, it will be distributed. The salary at all about the same. Live is all.

And now, in a different way. Again, the choice - to be vaccinated or not? To give birth at home or in the hospital? Learn in school or at home? To give to the kindergarten or not? How many circles? Which languages? What future awaits him? Will he be able to feed themselves? Become a source of pride? Does the child trust someone else?

Since many women are now more keen on psychology, anyway Masha aware of the psychological trauma. And it is by all means trying not to cause injury to children. And if by chance causes (as it seems), then later still reproaches himself to blame. All the time in suspense - as if not to offend, not to hurt, not to spoil. The purpose of the good. But is never the child not to offend? And if he needed it? Especially emotionally exhausted mother, who tries so hard to be perfect and always smiling?

Throw in the fact that most of the women, and Mary is not an exception, do not have good health, it is not engaged in strengthening, not able to put boundaries to others refuse, do not often engage themselves and those they love. And many still do not know what they like and want. The picture turns joyless.

So Masha created for the emotional burden of a hundred pieces in his life, every day experiencing stress overload - because through it each day passes, two hundred, three hundred, a thousand pieces ... And then we wonder why women are not happy, why families break up, and the children did can not find myself.

To reduce stress and load. Is it possible? Yes really. But it needs more awareness and the ability to hear themselves, take care of yourself, take care of yourself. Do not look and do not read the news. Do not associate with those who destroy you with their communication. To protect its borders, not to let extra people. Learning to take care of themselves. More trust her husband. Pray. In any difficult situation to pray. For the peace of the world, for the welfare of children to make the right choice. To be able to give yourself a break and sometimes stay in silence. Alone with itself. Slow down. Stop.

And then the forces of the heart appear to remain open in this complex world. All you can weed out the superfluous. You can remove all that creates an unnecessary burden. Make room for what is joyful, nice, you need to ....

Take care of yourself. And remember that from your internal state depends on all those who are close to you. Your care of yourself - it and taking care of your loved ones. The best kind of care.

Author: Olga Valyaeva


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