What to orchid blossom

Most orchids are prized for the original flowers and length of flowering. Since the cultivation of this plant requirements are a little different from the usual, sometimes for a long time refused orchid blossom.

Most flowering Phalaenopsis orchids are considered and dendrobium, they are also the most common and are presented in the free market. But even with them for many novice growers have problems - not orchid blooms. The most common cause is poor lighting, or failure to comply with a period of rest, and sometimes the lack of flowering appears after the abuse of nitrogen fertilizers. If the plant is overfed, can only wait until the recycled nitrogen and phosphorus to make.

Orchids - light-loving plants, given the shortage of solar light flowering can not wait for ever. In such conditions, only plants built up a large mass of foliage is dark green in color. Another reason for the delayed flowering may be excess moisture during the bookmark for future kidney buds. When excess irrigation on the plant always visible buds dried or dried flower stalks with buds. Strongly showering and bathing orchids need only during the growing season, providing peace as soon as vegetation come to an end and began buds tab. time rest period begins after flowering, in winter, when the lighting is not sufficient and the room temperature is low.

Strongly watering orchids need only during the growing season. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

Rest is required for the formation of new orchids stems. In the rest period the plant must go with the new Bulba, that is all his new shoots should be equal to the old one. During this period, the flowers need a little colder room and lack of watering. In winter, this orchid is placed in a less heated room, and in the summer is better to make the balcony or in the garden. There are orchids that need lowering temperatures at night only. During the rest period is not required to fertilize the plant. Check that the rest period is over, you can have the appearance of orchid flower stalk. If the orchid in compliance with all of these items to bloom and does not start, you need to change the conditions of care.

For orchid flowers can be sprayed with special preparations. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

Some are beginning to bloom regularly after creating them stressful conditions, for example, a sharp rise in temperature. To do this the night put an orchid in a room with a temperature not exceeding 18 ° C, and in the morning moved into heat. Abrupt cessation of watering, which is independent from the rest periods affects most species of orchids. Offered for sale Cumbria, namely, Oncidium, Milton and hybrids requires the development of bulb reduce watering.

reduce watering times for each species of orchids are a little different, and some of the harsh drought react very sharply - slowing growth and development of the peduncle. But the general condition the beginning of flowering bulbs is growing by at least one third of the normal size. At the weakened plants with small flowering Bulba often does not occur.

It also happens that orchids are a long time in one place, grow and develop, their conditions are unchanged, but flowering occurs spontaneously. The reason withering roots, root term since the pot life of 2-3 years. Maybe at the same time a large number of roots wither and bloom in this regard will not come until you develop new ones. And for the early receipt of orchid flowers can be sprayed with special preparations, such as "Appin", "Zircon", "bud", "pollen".


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