Secrets of orchid breeding: how one plant to turn 100!

Orchid - is the favorite flower of many gardeners. It is considered very demanding. However, many orchids grow well in the house and no special care. If you want your home has become a whole greenhouse with flowers, do not need to spend much. We'll show you how to turn one flower in the 100. Those who have already tried this method can not admire the beauty of orchids in his house.

How to improve root growth?
Buy sphagnum moss, which is worth a penny in a flower shop. Soak it in water. Of moss form a small ball. Strapped his thread to the bottom of orchids sprout. The thread can wring out of old tights. It will be flexible and not too perezhmet plant.

Wrap the moss film. Take it every day for about an hour. At the same time spray the moss. After 9-11 days on the germ appear roots. Otsazhivayut sprout, when it will be three or four or more spine.


In orchids, which has bloomed, cut off the stalk. Pull back about one centimeter from the roots and then cut off the shanks length of 10-12 centimeters. Plant the cuttings in a special pot for orchids with the holes in the bottom. Sprinkle the bottom of a small amount of sand and put moss.

Water the soil. Landed cuttings. The distance should be about 3 cm apart. Cover the pot film. Twice a day, remove the foil for 20-25 minutes and lightly moistens the soil. In the room you need to make a daily difference in temperature, with a reduction in her night at 4 ° C. After about 4 months will land plants in individual pots.

After 5-7 days, the flowers should fertilize pre-plant irrigation. Then place the pot in a container of fertilizer diluted in water for about 40 minutes.


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