7 pernicious way of thinking that prevents you to live happily

In this article I will discuss the seven harmful ways of thinking, with whom I had to fight in the past, and that I have done to deal with them or at least reduce their impact strength. I hope that in this article you will find something useful for yourself.

We have created the world - it is a product of our thinking, this world can not be changed without changing the mindset
Albert Einstein

Your thoughts and desires are powerful indeed. Changing your thinking in a positive way, you can change the world around you.

For example, to change their attitude to the burning tours to Egypt - you change the world around them and plunge into a completely different world, the world of the east and the infinite, relaxing stay.

But on the other hand, if you wallow in their old thoughts, they will destroy you, petrify, make you suffer, instead of pushing forward to happiness and positive way of thinking, stop your spiritual growth.

In this article I will discuss the seven harmful ways of thinking, with whom I had to fight in the past, and that I have done to deal with them or at least reduce their impact strength. I hope that in this article you will find something useful for yourself.

1. You see the world in black and white

Rather than accept life for what it is - messy, with lots of different exceptions to the rule - you can see everything in black or white. You're right and someone else - no. Everything was either that or that way, and there are no exceptions or halftones.

With this approach, it is difficult to see the true meaning of what is happening and do the right thing. This view of life will eventually make you less and less flexible. You will fall into his trap and thus, can be terribly picky and unfair to themselves and others. Raising disturbance in consciousness and in life, you will be unhappy and will suffer much more than necessary.

How to deal with it

Try to understand in his sobesednika.Nastaivat - easily. But you can understand the other person, and for one and yourself if you try to accept his point of view. So in your relationship will be less hostility and negativity, and you easily reach mutual understanding in which both sides will be satisfied solution.
Be aware of what is happening. To be aware of what is happening and pay attention to all the events of the day, you, as well as in compliance with other tips in this article will be able to change their thoughts and find a new way of thinking.
Find exceptions. If you suddenly appears the idea that you do not like the way you learn, or that your family is not helping you around the house, then before thoroughly angry, stop for a few seconds. Then ask yourself: Is everything always so? Find one or more of the exceptions as opposed to those thoughts in black and white that you are eaten. For example, you can remember what your husband or wife spends much time for cooking, or is engaged in repair. Or consider that, although it is necessary to tighten up the math, you write competently enough, and making progress on geography.
2. Are you looking for a problem, even when they are not

It's all very confusing. Previously, I caught myself on the fact that I am looking for problems where there are really not expected. I think that in many ways it is when you cling to the old world. For years I used to see everywhere more negative than it really is and to find problems when they are not. Consciousness is accustomed to this way of thinking, and you act accordingly to it. And sometimes you suddenly find yourself thinking that the problem of looking at any situation or area of ​​your life where it really is not.

How to deal with it

That really helped me - I wrote it in a prominent place the phrase: "There is no problem", which every day the wall reminds me of this.

Now, if I'm beginning to overcome the thought of a problem occurs, I say to myself as I do in the morning! In most cases, I begin to realize that ultimately the problem does not exist.

I also think that the reason for this phenomenon may be too much of a man thinking about the development of his personality or what you need to work towards the development of the individual. You are so used to look for solutions that consciousness set out to look for problems that these decisions may be removed. This is an excellent material for personal development, but read it and think about it in moderation, and not day long.

3. You are afraid to go out of your comfort zone

If you are always thinking about how to feel and be real security, you can not change your life for the better. Uncertainty and change is uncomfortable and frightened imagination, because the human mind is set up to ensure the stable existence and the fact that people live as long as possible as lives.

How to deal with it

Take small steps. Most of our comfort zone, we do not give off the fear or expectation that, faced with these fears, we can not overcome it. Making small steps, we are expanding our comfort zone and gradually remove the discomfort and fear.
Pay special attention to your positive experience. Realize that come out of your comfort zone is fun, despite the fact that you speak your mind and feelings before the action. Look back at those examples from your life when you escaped from your usual comfort zone. Focus on the positive memories that brought you success, you could take advantage of the opportunities. And perhaps you will realize that it was not okay, in fact it was interesting and fun, for you it was a new experience.
4. Do you think your feelings at the moment is that there is actually

I used to think - what I feel at the moment, is something unchanged. This is how you actually in this moment to perceive the world and it will take in the near future. However, in reality, it is difficult to predict what you'll feel in an hour or fifteen minutes. Your consciousness is cheating on you, giving the emotions that you are experiencing, for the true reality. This approach lets your true perception.

How to deal with it

Think of discipline and use it in full measure. For example, you do not want to go to the gym today. Your mind tells you: "Everything is fine, you do not need it, you're out there was only three days ago." And you continue to lie on the couch. But you can say to yourself: "No, today I have appointed training and I will go, even if I do not want to go, or even if I do not feel this need." And you go. But after going to stay in the gym for about fifteen minutes, you start to enjoy exercise and are glad that they came.
Just realize that your mind does not always require that for you to actually be the right decision. In the consciousness of our daily lives are often trying to find the easiest way. It turns out that it might seem: perceived by you at the moment - it is a reality, but in spite of this, emotions are fleeting and in a few minutes or hours, you can change them, do what you do not want to do - for example, go to the gym. < br /> 5. You think you know everything

If you think you already know everything, your mind will not work on the study of the problem. Whatever you say, consciousness will be based on what you think you know. You hear only what and learn only what you want to hear, and what you want to learn.

How to deal with it

Whenever you are going to learn something new, it is recommended to forget what you already know and that is familiar to you. Try to keep your mind was as open as possible. In my experience I can say that thanks to this approach simplifies the process of acquiring new knowledge and important information is not rejected.

Of course, the ego often wishes to dissociate itself and defend itself, to make you think that you already know all the things are going to learn. We must be vigilant and not trust her presumptuous and arrogant inner voice.

6. You do not give rest to envy, and it poisons your life

Envy may be similar to the small devil that sits on your shoulder and whispers something in your ear, fills the soul and gnashing of teeth in your life brings suffering and negative. Or envy may occasionally annoy you and throw into confusion.

How to deal with it

When you start to compare, focus the attention on himself. Compare what you have, so that others have - is the path of self-destruction. Your ego is inflated, when you buy a more expensive car, if you have more prestigious job or something like that. For some time you feel just great. But this way of thinking and focus on the comparison of results in the fact that you start to notice - there are people who have more than you. These people have a more expensive car, and even more prestigious job. And you will not feel so confident. The thing is that there is always a person who has more than you. And you can never "win." You just feel "on high" for some time, and then that feeling goes away. The best way to compare - it is when you compare yourself to yourself. Look at the extent to which you have grown up and have already managed to achieve that. Appreciate what they did, and what you have. Take a look at the already traversed path and compare it with what you want to do. This approach will bring more positive thoughts, and greater emotional stability, because you do not compare yourself with others and are not jealous of what others have, and you - no.
Be thankful for what you have. In addition to comparing themselves with themselves, it will also be useful every day to thank God for what you have, and thus get rid of envy. Take a few minutes during your day expression of gratitude for all that you have. At the beginning or at the end of the day to mentally make a list of what you have, or write it down in your diary.
Change your lifestyle. If you feel that life is passing and you deserve the best, it is no wonder depressed. Just when you fill your life with more interesting activities more interesting people and more interesting events, you will not have the time and the reasons for it, to feel a sense of envy. Change your lifestyle, you also get other benefits: relaxation and lack of response to acute detail. After all, you do not spend more time analyzing life, and life itself, and use it the way you want to.
7. Too many thoughts

Before, I think too much. It's kind of a chronic illness that prevents the implementation of certain actions, as you analyze the little things that because of this, it is in your mind great and terrible. In addition, too much thinking leads to a negative perception of reality.

And still, I managed to reduce the excessive number of thoughts in your life or even get rid of the excess. Of course, it took time for the ego; but on the other hand, you do every day have to be in the company of his thoughts, so you can always work to improve relations between you and them.

How to deal with it

How I managed to cope with it? Probably the most important was the fact that I have spent most of their time within a year of his personality on reading books and listening to Eckhart Tolle, such as "What does the silence", "New Land" and "The sun will die, too," and the development of habits live in the present moment.

Again and again I listened to these books on your MP3 player when went anywhere on foot, riding a bus, or in any other situation that could do it. It was convenient to both sides: I focus my attention on the advice of the author, and during the day they were spinning in my head, so it was easier to realize the model of thinking. Thus, Tolle had a positive impact on my daily life. It's like your friend can affect your life for their positive or negative attitude, their energy and dedication.

Through constant practice is much easier to reduce the excessive amount of thinking and thinking how to use the tool, do not let it control you.

An effective way to rebuild itself in the moment and get rid of the excessive number of thoughts that swarm in his head - a breath. Just over two minutes Sit with your eyes closed, if you want, and breathe deeply, directing air into the stomach. During these two minutes fully concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. This exercise will result in mind and body in a tranquil state, and at this point there will be a return to opening your life here and now.

Set small deadlines for decision-making.

Another very helpful strategies is to establish a short period of decision-making. Instead of days to think over some problem, imagine that you have, for example, there are only half an hour of deliberation. Then you have to decide.

I also use a shorter time even if we are talking about small everyday matters. I do not sit and reflect on the decisions that I need to take when it comes to performance classes, phone calls, tasting new dishes, or anything else that I in some way do not want to do. And discard all thoughts, make a decision for 10-30 seconds and begin to implement it.

I realized that in this way can be resolute and not to fall under the paralyzing influence of excessive deliberation.


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