On the street sat a blind boy of about 12, and painted portraits of passers ...

On the street sat a blind boy of about 12, and painted portraits of passers-by,
and people were surprised by the extraordinary similarity of individuals in the portrait of the original.
 - A miracle, they said, as the blind with such accuracy can transmit a person's appearance?

At this time, the street was a noble lord.

 - Come on, - he said, podbochas - write me, lad,
and my portrait.

When the work was finished, the lord noticed that the crowd fell silent in awe.

 - I thought so. - He said proudly,
 - Blind can not afford to pass my prowess and beauty.
I want to look at his portrait.

People silently parted.
And he saw a terrible picture: the figure showed a pig with donkey ears and tail horse. Enraged lord ordered flogged boy. And that would have scored Batog, if not appeared beggar-pilgrim.

 - Stop, - he said - Boyar - child or not guilty of anything! You do not understand: he paints a portrait of the soul. Discouraged lord let the young artist and walked away. All night he had not slept, and in the morning went to the city to look for a beggar. When found, the beggar said to him:

 - Your portrait will change, if you can change you yourself.

Since then, the nobleman no one could know: he was generous, not punish servants, and a year later he again found a blind painter and turned to him with the same request to paint a portrait. But, alas, the portrait has not changed. And again he found a stranger and asked:

 - Why did it happen? After I became a completely different person.

 - Yes, but it is only in appearance.

As the years passed. The beggar was already dead. Boyar continued to live a righteous life. One day on the street called him a man, who was lying in front of a brush and paint. It turned out to be the same artist who grew up and matured:

 - A good man - he said, let me draw your portrait. I have never seen such beauty and purity. Boyar bowed low and said:

 - I owe you.


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