Willow-herb, medicinal ALTERNATIVE

In the near future, you must enter the rose-eating people excluded or at the first stage to limit the consumption of subtropical teas and coffee, where there is excessive caffeine content, which for the Russian people can be used is very limited.
Another academician IP Pavlov found that caffeine enhances the excitation processes in the cerebral cortex and increases motor activity. However, large doses it may lead to depletion of neural cells. Besides tannins contained in tea, and their 18% (the higher the grade, the more of them) is coupled insoluble compounds and is removed from the digestion of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, metal salts of copper, zinc, nickel, and other trace elements. That's why in the East drink tea an hour before eating or two hours after a meal, and without any seasoning and sweets, which stimulates the secretion of saliva contains a lot of calcium and other digestive fluids that are rich in enzymes and vitamins.

The old Russian superstition says:
Ivan- tea not only helps cleanse the body, but also clears the mind and strengthens the spirit of man!

This is not a complete list of useful properties of this plant:
Prevention of malignant and benign tumors;
It increases potency;
It is effective in diseases of the genitourinary system (powerful prevention prostitita); This willow tea simply has no equal. Therefore it is sometimes referred to as a male plant.
Scarring ulcers of the stomach and duodenum;
Increased immunity to respiratory viral infections;
Prevention of tooth decay;
It improves the blood;
Reduces intoxication;
Removes food poisoning and strong drink;
Refreshes with exhaustion;
Useful with stones in the liver, kidney and diseases of the spleen;
It strengthens the hair roots;
Vitamin "C" in the willow-tea at 6, 5 times more than the lemon;
Eliminates headache;
Normalizes blood pressure;
Soothes, reduces the feeling of tension, anxiety, fear;
It causes mild laxative, emollient, enveloping, wound healing, analgesic, anticonvulsant effect.
According to its anti-inflammatory properties of willow-herb surpasses all herbs.
The leaves of willow-herb found a large number of trace elements stimulating hematopoiesis - iron, copper, manganese and other trace elements necessary for metabolism - nickel, titanium, molybdenum, boron.
So a set of trace elements can not boast of any one plant!
Tea is very positive effect on the nervous system, relieves headaches, boosting the immune system, it helps to resist cancer.
Fresh leaf tea has a beneficial effect for insomnia and headaches, and normalizes the activity of the intestine, as well as increases the protective properties of the organism.


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