CLEANSING on an emotional level

All diseases are laid in the first place is not in the physical body. Therefore, from the mental and emotional problems is also very important to be cleaned.

Even modern doctors have come to the conclusion that many physical illnesses arise because of negative thoughts and emotions. If a person is pessimistic or angrily about someone thinks this is reflected by its own.

For emotional cleansing

Try to get rid of negative emotions. Especially destructive emotions of anger, she immediately starts dangerous biochemical processes in the body. You need to take care of yourself and not allow negative thoughts, because they are primarily complicate our lives.
Even if you are very sensitive to the emotions you can get under the influence of a foreign energii.Tochno as possible to stain the physical body, can defile and emotional body. And even if you just hang out with a negative person who is permeated with fear, you can catch this mood, you also suddenly begin similar fears. This distorts all the subtle body, and eventually the problems begin and at the physical level, and the complexity of life: people are attracted into your life a certain reality and, as a consequence, can not achieve anything in your career, personal life and so on.

Do not be dependent on the memories.
Memories we need as a realization of a certain experience. If we tried to twice pass the road and fell twice, because the middle tank, which means that a third time to go there is not necessary. However, ordinary people often regrets about the past and dreams of the future. But our strength is to live in the present. Most of the energy we take negative memories, grievances. Some studies even indicate that it insults cause severe illnesses such as cancer. It is not necessary to suppress the memories, or to ignore them. But if memories come, it is necessary to observe them without emotion. Needless to paint a shemku: draw a straight line and mark on it all the times when you happen something unpleasant. And at this point, draw flowers or something else that you associate with love. Imagine the energy of love fills these periods. And if once or twice do it sincerely, it is usually negative thoughts go.

Communicate with interesting, wise people who may have something to teach.
Very helpful mild forms of meditation. If you come home from work at night upset, try to meditate. Take a shower, turn off the TV. And sit for 10 minutes in silence, watching your breath, watch the mind. Another very important to say, "I wish everyone happiness" - and imagine how the energy of love and bliss pervades your every cell and you are to other people. First of all your oppressors. It clears the mind ...


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