We need to understand one simple thing: we all need to periodically cleaning. Regular brushing - a very important thing in oriental medicine and eastern psychology.

Let's start with the fact that a person needs to understand one simple thing: we all need to periodically cleaning. Imagine: even if you have the most luxurious and beautiful home furnishings, it will still need to clean up. Because dust is collected on furniture in addition to our desires, even if your house is very nice and you live far away from big cities. Similarly, it is necessary to purify and man. Regular brushing - a very important thing in oriental medicine and eastern psychology.

CLEANSING on the physical level
The human body is so constituted that the body generates a modest amount of slag. And there is such a feature: during the day the body needs food, and the body begins the evening, on the contrary, produce toxins. Therefore, oriental medicine advises to use night creams, it is considered that they are not absorbed, and even more, block access of oxygen and do not give the skin to get rid of toxins. Ayurveda says that 95% of our diseases occur because toxins accumulate in the intestines. With this agreement, and modern British scientists - they believe that because of this the metabolism.

For physical purification:

It should be at least 2 daily ablutions. The first time you need to take a shower in the morning because our body releases toxins to 9 am, and if before that time we did not smoem, they will be absorbed back. In the evening, 2 hours before COn to do another bath to relieve tension. And just before going to bed wash your feet in cold water, because in them the day accumulates negative energy.

According to Ayurveda, it is very important to clean the intestines in the morning, so it is necessary to adjust the digestion.

We need every morning to clean the tongue, because most of the toxins accumulated precisely in the language and not on the teeth. Please note that if you eat a lot at night and all the harmful fat, in the morning you will be in the language of white fur. It is very harmful and toxic. All yoga necessarily pure language in the morning.

It is very important to eat right, have compatible products.

And of course the body needs pegulyarnye cleaning. When a man does, he leaves most of the physical and mental diseases. About once a year you need to clean the intestines and liver, every two or three years - the kidneys. Condition of the body affects our mentality. If the body is not dirty, the person has a more creative ideas, he feels better. And toxins in the body and stimulate the stagnant bile manifestation of negative emotions, so it is important to get rid of them. Tot, who wants to do it, he can read a book or books Gennady Malakhov yoga.

CLEANSING Emotionally
All diseases are laid in the first place is not in the physical body. Therefore, from the mental and emotional issues it is also very important to be cleaned. Even modern doctors came to the conclusion that many physical illnesses arise because of negative thoughts and emotions. If a person is pessimistic, or angrily about someone thinks this is reflected in it the same.

For emotional cleansing:

Try to get rid of negative emotions. Especially destructive emotions of anger, she immediately starts dangerous biochemical processes in the body. We must take care of yourself and not allow negative thoughts, because they are primarily complicate our lives.

Even if you are very careful about the emotions you can get under vliyaniechuzhoy energy. Just as the physical body can be dirty, can defile and emotional body. And even if you just hang out with negative or as they say in modern psychology, non-resource person who is permeated with fear, you can become infected with this mood. Like before, you lived quietly, but then you also begin similar fears. It's subtle body deforms, and eventually the problems begin and on a physical level, and complexity of life: people are attracted into your life a certain reality and, consequently, can not achieve anything in your career, personal life and so on.

Do not be dependent on the memories. Memories we need as the implementation of a certain experience. If we tried to pass twice on the road and fell twice, because the middle tank, which means that a third time there would not be going. However, ordinary people often regrets about the past and dreaming about the future. But our strength is to live in the present. Most of the energy we take negative memories, grudges. It happens that the person hurt in school, and he remembers it my entire adult life. Some studies even indicate that it insults cause severe illnesses such as cancer. Do not suppress the memories, or to ignore them. But if the memories come, we must watch them without emotional coloring; yes, it has been and gone. It should even draw a shemku: draw a straight line and mark on it all the times when you happen something unpleasant. And at this point, draw flowers or something else that you associate with love. Imagine the energy of love fills these periods. And if one or two times will do it sincerely, it is usually negative thoughts go.

For emotional state it is also advisable to take a shower - cool in the morning and in the evening warm. You can even say, "Where the water there and the trouble" (sleep, illness, and so on. D.). This, incidentally, was made in Russia, I was taught that the Slavic healers. Thus it is necessary to imagine that the water goes away from you all the trouble.

Communicate with interesting, wise people who may have something to teach.

Very useful mild forms of meditation. Now many believe to meditate, you have to be a yogi or to live in the Himalayas. But it is not. If you come home from work at night upset, try to meditate. Take a shower, turn off the TV. 10 minutes and sit in silence, watching your breath, watch the mind. Yogis have a system of "pranayama," when a person breathes in a certain way, and all the negative out. Yet it is important to say, "I wish all the divine love" or "I wish everyone happiness" - and imagine the energy of love and bliss permeates your every cell and is up to you to other people. First of all your oppressors. It clears the mind.

CLEANSING on a spiritual level
Spiritually cleansing - a harmonization of our state. We must live, by and large, unconditional love. But the more in our life of selfishness and fear, negative emotions, the greater the deterioration karma.

Purified on a spiritual level helps to repentance. If you make a mistake, you need to perform the rite of penance. It is very important to forgive yourself, forgive those who have hurt something.

In addition, the purification of the bad karma helps selfless activity. When you do something for others, no one does not talk about, it also contributes to peace of mind.

There are two grounds on which a person can determine that everything goes right:

First, he feels that his life every day and even every hour is getting happier, and this constant feeling. It is not due to the fact that you eat something delicious, or endured 10 minutes of something good. This sense of life in general - a permanent internal spirit;

and secondly, every day a person improve relationships with others.

In Russia, few people had heard of the teachings of the ancient Indian Vaastu. It is believed that they used the Slavs, as Buddhist monks took over its elements and carried to China, and there are already formed on the basis of Vaastu teachings of Feng Shui.

Basic recommendations for Vastu:

Houses should not collect the garbage. It is particularly important to make it clean and beautiful in front of the apartment or house. If you have something dumped at the door, it is believed that it interferes enter the house of positive energy.

It is important that in the house was clean. If the house is dirty, then the thoughts become clogged, you suddenly notice that the husband starts to cry, angry wife, children became unruly.

In the house there should be no unnecessary things. Of course, the need to protect the family and religious relics. But in other cases the old stuff are a mass of negative energy. We need to get rid of the things that belonged to the man who was sick and died.

Throw away old things, they have the energy of Saturn, the planet that is considered to be the personification of loneliness, misery and problems. It is believed that because of old things in the home can not enter a new energy. For example, if you have the entire wardrobe packed with old and unfashionable clothes you do not wear for a long time, then you close the energy of Access. The universe seems to be saying: "Why do you have to make a new dress? You and everything went in! "And you really start to earn less. The best - simply upload your stuff to those who need it. If a woman is married for the second time, she had to throw the clothes in which she was dating other men. This is especially true of underwear, and moreover, bedding. Because all this bears a foreign power, and at a subconscious level, the man will feel it. He may not realize why annoying, but worse is to treat his wife. It is believed that the old stuff left over from a previous marriage, destroy the new family. If you are seriously ill, and was a threat to the life, after the recovery needed to throw the clothes in which you were sick, to get rid of bed linen, on which you are sleeping. But there are cases where you can and need to store old clothes. For example, a woman living in a happy marriage, and she has a dress that is associated with pleasant moments. This dress can be protected and then even to convey his daughter because it brings positive energy.

No regrets throw away broken and ugly things.

Housing should not be things from artificial materials - polyester, synthetic fabrics. Do not buy a home artificial flowers is believed that they take the energy of Venus and bring poverty. They can only buy a funeral.

The paintings that hang in our house, you need to choose very carefully. There should not be anything that is associated with death, with despondency. Do not hang on the walls inharmonious picture. It is best to power the house affect the beautiful scenery, flowers, pictures with a spiritual or religious meaning. Teens love to decorate their rooms with posters favorite musicians and actors. And yet ... the image of women or men with aggressive, violent individuals are very harmful, because the picture affect our subconscious.

Make sure that you have at home was always nice and cozy. Graceful, beautiful things made of natural materials brought into the house of Venus energy, which is necessary for a happy marriage, and material prosperity. If the situation at home is too simple and minimalistic, for men, at some stage, there is a subconscious attraction to other women, because it needs the energy of love and comfort.

Rami Blekt


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