9 secret, that women never told their men

Secrets that women usually do not talk to their men, but of which men are definitely worth knowing!

Compared with men, most women are on the right seems to be more open, honest and talkative creatures. But it is unlikely you will be surprised to learn that these air ethereal creatures, too, has its own secrets. Every woman has a mystery, waiting for a man who will be able to solve it, but that's only a few of them are successful. Although understand a woman is not so difficult for a man sometimes it becomes a complexity of the challenges.

And so I decided to collect in this article several female secrets, which I hope will make this task a little bit, yes easier.

1. We love it when a man takes responsibility
And this is a very important secret. We can also think of something before we can plan everything carefully and implement, but ... we do not love. And we love it when a man takes responsibility. Although we almost never you do not talk about this, you should know what we like when our own men perform something complex, but we need only to surprise us. When a man takes the initiative and responsibility, which means that he does not care what he cares about us and about our life together. So do it as often as possible, no matter what "it" is - an independent campaign for shopping, dinner prepared with their own hands, or plans for the next holiday together.

2. We love it when we surprise
All women are literally crazy about surprises, and we almost always secretly hope that our partner would be kind of creative and will be able to lead us to the stunned as often as possible. Any unexpected gift - even if it's just chocolate - can make a woman feel special and desired. It does not necessarily have to be something expensive - an important fact. What do you think about it, to take the initiative and love her - truly priceless. Believe me, this is not difficult. Just be open and attentive towards your queen - yes, the Queen, because every woman deserves it to be. But when she realizes that you are trying with all his might to make her happy ... believe me, it's worth it.

3. We are afraid that he will like another woman
Many women fear that their men would lead someone else - a best friend, a colleague, yes anyone. The reason for this fear is simple - we all sometimes want to get something that can not be our own, so we are afraid that someone from the other women succeed, and she steals the heart of our chosen. Believe me, for us, the women, the worst fear and could not be.

4. We want our men were sincere
Everyone in the world wants to have his or her partner has always been open and sincere. Nobody likes to be fooled. And, of course, we women are not the exception. We can forgive a lot - but not a lie. No matter how complex and confusing or your situation, she always listened to you, and maybe even help you solve the problem.

5. We observe and understand body language
Men do not believe in vain, that we, women, have a sixth sense, especially when it comes to personal relationships. We always notice and analyze everything, even the most subtle details of another person, and this applies including the body language of our partners. So we usually aware of his excessive sympathy for the cute co-worker - even if we did not meet her. We barely even notice the corner of my eye something suspicious, it starts to bother us, even if we do not understand it. And if a woman is something beginning to suspect it really be sure it will be very angry to hear that you went to the "conference", which in fact was not.

6. We agree that our men sometimes need time to yourself
This is one secret, which few know the man. We women tend to agree that men sometimes need our rest. We are well aware that our boys and partners need their own private space, and because sometimes they just need to spend some time with friends, watch football, or in something to play. We do not consider this a problem. It can become a problem only in the case when a man forgets about us, starting to spend all your time with your friends.

7. We want to please their friends
But this, you certainly will not say no woman. And certainly not out loud. But it is true. Once friends are important for our men, and they are important for us, because we want them to like it. This primarily means that we want to show them that we love our partners, and we know what they are wonderful people. And at the same time it helps us to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes, even if their friends are not like us. Or we give them. Another reason for the desire to please his friends - friends of our men when we are treated favorably, the love between us only gets stronger. That, of course, we are just at hand.

8. Sometimes we need to think about their
If a woman tells you that she needs to be alone and gather my thoughts, it does not mean that she does not want to see you, and you should immediately get together, get in the car and go somewhere a watch that way for eight. No, actually, she just wants something to understand. Your girlfriend or wife wants you to understand that it also has important things to do, and if you said something, most likely, that's what she has in mind.

9. We want our men have been honest with us
Every woman wants her man was honest with her. And so if your friend fills a new dress, do not tell her, "You look at it just fine." Because she knows that this is not so. Do not be afraid to tell her that, although she gained a few extra kilos, it still looks great. Show your woman that you love her for who she is. You can even invite her to join the gym together. Chances are your honest words like her much more lies - no matter how sweet it may be.

So, in this article you learned about the 9 secrets that women usually do not talk to their men, but of which men are definitely worth knowing. Yes, it is just a small part of them, and a full list would be much longer. And I want to appeal to the female half of my readers ... What is hidden from you is your man? I would love to know about it, and certainly not just me!

Julia Melko


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