The greatest impact on water have human emotions.

That only modern man does not drink, thinking that quenches thirst: different chemical drinks, juices, coffee, tea, beer, milk. And still ill and old too soon. For three or four decades of the earth, in this "diverse" drinking, physical body cells gradually lose their internal moisture. Inside, it becomes dehydrated desert, is rapidly aging.
Why is this happening?
The fact that the human body is approximately three-quarters of the water simple.
And just pure simple nekipyachёnaya water easily and freely extends into every cell, nourishing it with moisture.
In addition, the water has a special ability to perceive, remember and pass on everything that is happening in the environment. That is, quench thirst, people filled the information that it carries water. It responds to the slightest impact, acquiring new properties, changing its structure, while leaving unchanged its chemical composition. You can drink purified water is perfect, but what is the quality of information will fill you with water subjected to an artificial filtering?
Spring water, leaving the land free from aggressive informational impact and chemical cleaning of the city. It contains natural energy and information of various minerals of the earth.
With sufficient sensitivity person can easily distinguish the natural harmony of taste of living water from hard, empty, or an unnaturally bright taste mechanically purified and artificially enriched water.
The greatest impact on water have human emotions.
Love increases the energy of the water, hatred sharply decreases.
Therefore, before you drink the water, tell her what you want to take yourself:
Thank you.


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