The right rhythm of life and power in the Vedas


The Vedas say that our whole life, our body, reactions, behavior, and health associated with the universal processes, the movements of the planets, solar and lunar cycles. For each activity the nature of your set, the most favorable period of time. A few simple rules according to natural cycles makes people fit, healthy and energetic. Vedic texts say that Time is the most powerful, untamed, and punishing power in our material world. Those who do not obey the laws of time are bound to suffer. Their life is not complete.

The beginning of the day

According to the Vedas man has to get up before dawn, in the period between 4-00 and 6-00. It is said that in about 48 minutes before sunrise, all functions in the body reverses (dominance of one hemisphere of the brain is replaced by another, begins to breathe better the other nostril, the flow of energy harder to move on the other hand, logic is replaced by intuition, etc.). It is interesting that recently it was confirmed by Japanese scientists, who filmed all the indicators of the human body with the help of modern equipment. The Vedas say that at this point people should already be on his feet. The observance of this rule gives energy for the whole day.

With 3-00 to 4-00 – the best time for spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, recitation of mantras ), but the implementation of such practices requires training and adherence to a particular way of life, or may develop serious health problems.

The recommended sleep time is 6 hours, but for people living under the influence of the mode of passion (such nowadays the vast majority) the best is 7 hours.

During sleep, the filling of the body with psychic energy (odzhes). This filling takes place 21: 00-4-00 under the power of the moon. So the night work is considered to be extremely unfavorable activity.

People rising from 4-00 to 5-00, has a greater buoyancy, easy to overcome difficulties in life, has the potential of a leader and is able to achieve great material success. These people during the day, most often there is a feeling of Happiness.

The one who rises from 5-00 to 6-00, too, will achieve some success, but not such outstanding. Serious problems in life too.

About who gets 6-00 to 7-00, say, his train left. Here is an example: the cock crows at 3-00, 4-00, 5-00, and the fourth crow I don't think it's just farewell "until" late. coming after 6-00.? Those who rise from 6 to 7 a.m., losing the ability to be alert and often have decreased tone, have a tendency to be late.

People rising from 8-00 to 9-00, are predisposed to chronic diseases, have a reduced or much increased muscle tone, possible nausea, dependence on coffee, mental weakness, depression, lack of belief in ourselves because it comes from the power of the Sun in the early hours of dawn.

Rising from 9-00 to 10-00 person has a predisposition to accidents. The Vedas say that such people often die prematurely.

Risers at 11: 00 and later has no way to escape from the influence of the Huns ignorance. Such people are very selfish and unable to accept the truth. At 9: 00 am is the deadline for getting up.

The Vedas say, to fix his fate and the negative karma you need to get up only to 6-00. Otherwise it is impossible.

The one who got up in the morning, for 15 minutes to take a cool shower head (women can't wet your hair every day, use a waterproof hat). Cool shower allows you to clean the subtle body of the mind from the influence of the mode of ignorance reigns in the night. 70% of all depressions are removed just cold shower (6am).

Sleep and food

Sleep is the filling of the body with psychic energy under the power of the moon. The power of the Sun causes the body to expend energy that burns her. That is why the most productive in the period of the day from 9-00 to 15-00.

According to the Vedas, the human mind is resting and regaining her strength from 21-00 to 00-00. It was during this period the man should fall asleep. If we consider that the need to get up till 6: 00, and is required for most amount of sleep 6 – 7 hours, the best time for laying there 22-00.

If a person over a long period of life falls after 00-00 his tired mind. First and foremost, fatigue of the mind to the eyes – fade the colors of life, everything becomes gray, the person may not notice many things around. The next stage of tired mind begins to suffer the rhythm of all organs (heart arrhythmia), the body is unbalanced. Then the mind ceases to control the work of the organs. Anxiety and irritability, immune disease, negativity, lack of respect for other people.
Often the result of late going to sleep, to sleep become a bad habit – Smoking and drinking coffee. This is a result of a permanent mental stress.
If a person does not sleep from 23: 00 till 1-00 he is less life energy.
The one who doesn't sleep with 1-00 to 3-00 suffers emotional power.
In the afternoon you can relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Sleep more than 20 minutes in the daytime takes a lot of energy, as a consequence of severe head and toxins in the blood.


Breakfast is the perfect time 6-00 to 7-00. Morning – the time of happiness, so we need to eat foods which are under the mode of goodness: fruits (dates, bananas, figs, cherries, plums, mango), fresh in summer and dried in winter. For people with weak digestion, fruits are always in dried form. In the morning you can drink kefir, eat sugar and honey. 6-00 to 8-00 the sugar is completely absorbed by the body. For those who have a stressful or physically demanding job you can eat nuts. From cereals for Breakfast you can eat only buckwheat. Cereal products (including bread) eaten in the morning, take away the fire energy of the mind. The result is irritability, nervousness, lack of control in the brain. Also for Breakfast you can have yoghurt and cheese (cheese is preferable in the winter). If the person does not have time to have Breakfast from 6 am to 7 am, it is better not to eat until lunch. You can drink a glass of boiled warm water – cleans psychic channels and esophagus. If you eat from 7-00 to 8-00 to 14-00 will be a feeling of hunger, and lunch time has already passed.


Ideal time for lunch is 12.00 PM. Dining at all meals recommended from 11-00 to 13-00. At lunch time you can eat any foods in different combinations except for milk (and that is not the products). At 12.00, when the Sun is at the highest point, people have the most active force of Fire, which digests the food. That is why at this time the easiest to digest grain products (including bread), and even milk's gone sour in the stomach. Had lunch from 11-00 to 13-00 for recuperation (went to the digestion) should be 10 – 15 minutes. If eating at 14-00 or later, there comes a dullness(!))) and restore the energy the body requires about 3 hours. Adopted food at 14-00 has no time to digested by the body until sunset. Often the result of this food is a deficiency because the vitamins are absorbed by the body at last. In the case of a late lunch vitamins are not absorbed and leave the body under the stimulus of dinner.))) At lunch time it is best absorbed by the food cooked in butter. The Vedas recommend to cook in clarified butter, it is unique in its properties to the product.

The Vedas say that any food grain except buckwheat accepted after 14-00 (bread, rice, etc.) leads to intoxication. As a result, morning appears weak, lacking the strength even to stand. Additionally, late reception of grain of food leads to the formation of phosphate stones in the kidneys and the main condition of their treatment is the refusal itself.


Time for dinner 18-00 to 21-00. Dinner should be light. It is best to eat vegetables (except root vegetables and tomatoes because these vegetables are under the modes of passion and can overexcite the psyche at night). After 21-00 it is advisable to take food at this time, even at night, you can drink warm milk (with 3-00 to 6-00 milk is better to drink it cool). Milk, and children up to 5-7 years, pregnant and lactating women, is under the power of the moon and absorbed by the body at night. Additionally, the milk drunk on the night clears the mind from ignorance, cleans psychic channels, etc... In the Vedas indicates some signs of the age of degradation (Kali Yuga), one of them is the denial of the usefulness of milk and declare it harmful. Indeed, modern science is often referred to as milk is not digestible, hard, causing runny nose, etc., and just need to know what time of day it is.

Unlike Vedic food from many other systems is that there is considered very important and compelling factor is TIME. Let me remind you that in the Vedas the most powerful force in our world, because it is placed above the three gunas.

Activities during the day

Time for meditation and spiritual practices – from 3-00 to 6-00. Prayer to 5-00. Daily prayer cleanses the mind and gives tremendous mental strength. Prayer is the purest form of selfless and benevolent activities. Everyone can pray according to the rules of their religion. The best body positions for prayer: the Lotus position, the pose of diamond (my legs underneath me, sitting on your heels), sitting in Turkish. The best mantra for people who have no affiliation to any religion is "I wish everyone Happiness". It is better to pray aloud, in a whisper.

Till 6: 00 the mind of a man works three times as fast ("Morning").

6-00 to 7-00 the best time to memorize.

From 7-00 to 9-00 best period for morning exercises.

From 8-00 to 9-00 works best logic and memorization.

9-00 to 10-00 perfect time to work with documents and statistics.

10-00 to 11-00 ability to intellectual work is greatly reduced, so the process of studying and mental work to finish until 11: 00.

From 12-00 to 18-00-time active physical or mental work (business, management etc.).

18-00 man needs to retire and prepare for the rest. Work to cognition is considered to be extremely harmful, causes severe mental stress and destruction of the body.

Extremely adverse for any activity and food intake are considered twilight. During sunset it is best not to eat. In the Vedas it is said that children conceived in this time will have a demonic character and any proceedings initiated by twilight are doomed to failure. Even the battles in ancient times was stopped as soon as the Earth left the last ray of the Sun.



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