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Eleven million nine hundred five thousand eight hundred thirty one

At the California Institute of "HeartMath" conducted some interesting experiments, which confirmed that when a person focuses on the heart and experiencing such feelings as love or sympathy, the rhythm of the beating of his heart increases. After stabilization of the rhythm occurs, the flow of biochemical reactions and a surge in the nervous and endocrine systems, which affect all structures and organs of the body. Reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol, increases the number of antibodies in the defense system of the body, slow the aging process, improves circulation of the brain and, of course, overall health.
It turns out that when we are in a state of "quiet love", not putting any conditions, our heart sends to the brain a special code which forces these organs to work in sync, in the most favorable mode. The person becomes capable to creative UPS can show their maximum capabilities.
Anger or irritation cause a violent backlash — these emotions lead to disorder of body's defense mechanisms. In this period increases the risk of heart disease, aktiviziruyutsya the aging process. Magazine "Optima", N 22, August 2003

I am often asked: "how do you have such faith?" To which I sincerely reply: "It is not faith, but KNOWLEDGE." From my point of view is much harder to believe that we are a walking bag of chemicals, that the world arose from nothing in an explosion that as a result of random coincidences of the chemical elements and the external environment, there was life, consciousness. At first it was a jellyfish, then the result of the evolution of these fishes, crocodiles; crocodiles began to come ashore, the apes did that at the expense of labor evolved in primitive people. I remember the lectures on physiology (topic — evolution) explained to us how one monkey could reach the banana, accidentally threw a stick, a banana fell, she happily cheered and the next time threw the stick already quite deliberately. Her example was followed by other monkeys, and this simple exercise has dramatically increased their gyrus in the brain. One day after a forest fire, these wiser monkeys tried charred meat and it was delicious raw. Learned to use and make fire. Well and further all is known: primitive society, slave, feudal, capitalist, socialist finally. And now the man has reached unprecedented heights. We have little scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe and finally chase away all these theological stories (for some reason most people think scientists are full of atheists) and the myths invented by the ancient (read narrow — minded) people. And in General, everything in this world by chance, we live until that moment, until you are destroyed the body.

How can you believe in this, knowing that:

1. Most scientists are deeply religious people (of different nationalities and, accordingly, of religion).

2. Charles Darwin late in life renounced his theory.

3. Every year archeologists find more and more evidence that hundreds of thousands and even millions of years ago there was developed civilization, far superior to us in almost all spheres of life.

And how can you not believe in Vedas (the great divine to the world through enlightened sages), each section of which is striking in its wisdom, for example Vastu-sastra (the original Feng Shui) is a division of the Vedas, devoted to architecture!

The Vedas are multifaceted, they are given to people at any level and can help in any situation. But the main purpose of the Vedas is to revive the conditioned souls from the Divine consciousness and learn to live Unconditional love.

The Vedas assert that there is Absolute truth, the one indestructible Brahman (eternal spirit), the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the source of everything. It consists of innumerable individual souls, who are nondifferent in quality and great in quantity, like droplets of the ocean. They are like the Supreme Brahman is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss, but unlike the Supreme Brahman, they tend to fall under the influence of matter (the illusory energy) and the main task of matter — to force the living entity to feel separated from God and other living beings and to make the main goal of life the satisfaction of the senses and the service of temporary ideals. For this there is the material world (the Vedas describe in detail his — 14 planetary systems, the Higher and Lower worlds, etc.), where the soul gets subtle and gross (sometimes) of the body (which is also described in detail) obtained in accordance with the level of consciousness. If consciousness is at the level of semi-God gets the body semi-God, if the level of the pig — gets the body of a pig. And the soul keeps changing the body, traveling through this material world, trying to be happy, which is impossible in this world, because everything material is mortal, and suffering, and even the little pleasure which a living being receives from his desires, is strictly regulated by the Law of Karma (law of cause and effect, the basic law of this world). By the way, there is a section of the Vedas are Karma-Kanda that teaches you how to be as happy in this material world, even practically is not engaged in spiritual practices.

Also the Vedas say that in this world nothing happens on accident that this creature created by the Great Creator — God. What is the spiritual evolution from lower levels of consciousness to higher, or Vice versa — it all depends on the desire of the living entity. That life is on every planet and in this universe everything is alive. That thought is material. What on Earth for millions of years, there were civilizations far superior to ours in every way that consciousness is primary, etc.

From a spiritual, logical, and scientific point of view, all the above is much, much more evidence than the materialist conception. First, from a spiritual point of view a believer is engaged in spiritual practices and no evidence is not necessary, because the feeling of God and his love is a deep inner experience, which can test any who truly seek God, especially if he does not offend others. Secondly, from a logical point of view: I remember my aunt (Neustroeva Svetlana, doctor of biological Sciences, more than 30 years taught at the Kazan University and has numerous scientific articles and essays in the field of biochemistry and Microbiology) said to me: "How can you not believe in God? After all, every scientific study shows that in this world, everything — from micro-organisms to the Universe as a whole — are created and maintained in the most perfect way. I just can't believe that no one should."

In your own words, it expressed the idea: How can you believe that as a result of a huge explosion accident such magnificence? In fact, our experience shows that the explosion brings only destruction. But if we want to create something (computer, robot, factory) — we must have sufficient intelligence.

How to explain many mystical, parapsychological, etc. phenomena, when a person simply looks at an object and it begins to curl, when the ear insert the rolled parchment and the person reads what is written in it?

I live in Jerusalem near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre — the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Once a year, literally from the sky in the hand of the high priest descends an amazing fire. This every year see thousands of people, is broadcast on television.

One day strife in the religious institutions that the high priest was not allowed to enter the Temple and he humbly stood at the entrance and on the hour... the nearest column broke apart and in front of an astonished crowd in his hands, and descended the sacred fire.

Now let's talk about the scientific point of view. Why is it assumed that a random evolutionary appearance of man is a scientific proven fact. And the emergence of the Universe and man — the handiwork of Divine Providence — a hypothesis, inspired by religious leaders and it rests on blind faith. But if You will take this issue seriously, you will find that the first theory has no scientific proof that the scientists almost every year are changing. Not one transitional species. Even Darwin himself wrote: "the Number of transitional forms, formerly existed on Earth must be truly enormous". So why all the geological layers are not filled with the remains of these intermediate forms? Modern followers of Darwin openly declare: "the Paleobiological facts that we have do not allow to create even a caricature of evolution. The fossils found by paleontologists are so numerous, that no trace of transitional forms can not be explained by lack of material. The lack of intermediate links is an established fact. They will never be able to detect," — Professor N. Heribert-Nilsson, University Of Lund, Sweden.

But the fact that almost every year are proof that millions of years ago there was a man, not inferior in its development to modern man, as it is not accepted to print. For example, in 1860, near Castenedolo (Italy) experienced geologist Professor Ragozin and discovered the skull of Homo Sapience in the layer belonging to the Pliocene (2-7 million years ago). Later in 1880 nearby in the same layer were discovered the remains of a woman and two children. Despite all the scientific testing this (and other) fact, it was soon forgotten.

Only in two prestigious scientific journals — "Nature" and "Scientific American" quite often published reports about the discovery of human remains and tools in coal mines, pits, etc., i.e. in the layers that relate to periods much earlier than the expected date of the appearance of man.

A similar pattern is observed in the question of the transmigration of souls (reincarnation). Despite the fact that almost every large city in the US there are psychological clinics, where through hypnotic regression of a human return to the previous life that the phenomenon of clinical death, memories of children of their previous lives, psychic sessions of hypnotic regression fully confirmed by those scientists who have seriously investigated these phenomena, for example, cardiologist, University Professor Dr. M. emery Subwoofer, Professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, Ian Stevenson and many others. About the transmigration of the soul say all religion (first 300 years, it was recognized Christians, but one of the first cathedrals treatise on the transmigration of the soul was thrown out of the Christian doctrine).

In modern society, it is considered that the "great religion invented Indians", but the harsh reality is quite different...

That divine love, the love of God is the primary sense in the Universe and should be the main goal of life say all (or almost all) religions and Great Teachers. And this conclusion is beginning to come more and more scientists, researchers. More and more psychiatrists and psychologists say that only the good and truly loving person can be mentally healthy and happy in life.

Experiments with plants (including those by my relatives) has shown that if You tell them angrily angry words or include hard rock, they are compressed and they have violated the biological processes, many times accelerates the aging process. But if You tell them nice words with love, include spiritual music (in the experiments we used Christian hymns and Vedic mantras), then they reverse is true.

Research and practical results many physicians (primarily S. N. Lazarev, who most fully systematized his studies) showed that the less a person lives with Unconditional love, the love of God, the more he challenges fate and disease. Any clue (attachment) for anything in this world (money, power, principles, ideals, etc.) harmful effect on us.

And practical results are striking — people with serious illnesses were cured only by changing the worldview. published

Author: Rami Blekt



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