Vedas men and women describe as a constant striving for harmony of two opposing principles.
Ancient scriptures say that both men, and a weak have their own psychology, and most importantly - completely different psychology.

For example, if a woman has a positive opinion on what - or question - that a man can be completely the opposite view.

This can be easily explained by the fact that the functioning of the mind, reason and intellect, we flows differently. You can not say that someone - something better, and someone - no. Each one has a perfect began psyche that when establishing harmony only helps another.

For example, the Vedas say that a man has the structure of the psyche that his natural state - it is the rationality in everything, expressed the feeling of a natural optimism, the relative calm in critical situations.

Also, about the psychology of men can say that they show less sense, straightforwardness, the initial desire to know God. But women's state of mind is arranged so that they are more likely to experience, due to the fact that in their minds strongly expressed feelings.

That is, if the men in the mind there is only a logical analysis and rationality (the work of the left hemisphere of the brain) - that all the girls are two hemispheres. This means that they are constantly intertwined with the rationality strongly expressed feelings, which, incidentally, is 6 times stronger than men.

That is why it is sometimes very difficult to understand what thoughts and logic guided the girls. By the way, the Vedas Perun describe how the spouses must treat each other in order to avoid serious conflicts.

Also, women tend to spend money on seemingly unnecessary things. And it can be very put out of balance rational thinking of her husband. And yet, as the Vedas explain the relationship of man and woman - is a constant trade-off of two psycho-thinking.

The fact that any girl mind is so constituted that she was thinking out loud. In so when she strikes up a conversation with her husband - it can last for hours, and my husband does not understand what she was saying. And against this background, then conflicts arise.

Based on this - every Vedic family based on the fact to learn the subtleties of psychology in relationships and understand why my partner is, or that will or action. You may ask: "But why all this has been described above, and what we do know such information?»

And the whole point is that if despite our almost complete opposites of the psyche we, as spouses, can this chaos of friction and misunderstanding create a permanent harmony of relationships - and hence able to develop the right character.

And, as the Vedas say men and women - is the first step in a relationship with God. And the family is given to us only that we have prepared yourself and your character to the right towards the Almighty.


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