1. Perform their vows and promises;
2. The daily work on your character - it increases respect for the wife to her husband when she respects him, it leads to harmony in the family and overcome bad karma;
3. Limit the communication in the "clarification" if more than 5 minutes, it is not in his favor;
4. A man must become a senior, for his wife, and their children;
5. Take care of those who are younger, instruct them on the right path. This will lead to the fact that the wife and children will be respected;
6. Responsibility for the welfare and needs of the family - the balance between the spiritual and material life activities;

7. The husband should give instruction family, and the wife must listen;
8. A man must protect his wife, first of all from himself;
9. How to feed a family;
10. A man should keep the balance between loyalty to his wife and children and between self-improvement. A man must be above the family, and the family must reach him. He should be bound to perform their duties, self-improvement, not the family.


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