12 trends in women's fashion, that men are just crazy

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We used to think that men don't follow fashion trends, and underestimate their ability to understand the intricacies of the fashion trends. But as it turned out, there are 12 elements of the female image that men just love.

Site know the opinion of men about women's trends and find out what they like.

Top strapless

The male gaze The shoulder and clavicle do not look less sensual than the back or the ankle. It is impossible not to pay attention to this girl.


The male gaze: This piece says that the girl has a sense of humor and she is confident and mean, with a girl will be easy and interesting to communicate.

Neon dresses

The male gaze: Neon colors, especially on a tanned body, associated with exotic fruits, and a girl notice in a crowd.

Shirt men's style

The male gaze Always amazed that women the men's shirts look much better than men. But it's a fact — men's shirts on the girls thrill.

Jeans white

The male gaze: No particular reason to love white jeans, but they really like us girls. But the most favorite combination of jeans and a simple tank top. Simple and very relaxed look, which accentuates the shape.


The male gaze: Slinky cloth training pants and t-shirts cannot fail to attract attention. Like this girl looks purposeful.


The male gaze: What fascinates in this hairstyle — hypnotic wiggle of the tail when walking. This hairdo is possible to consider the features of the face, and another girl seem elegant.


The male gaze Lace is all it takes to attract attention, and the most feminine item in your wardrobe. There is nothing more attractive than skin that is visible through the lace.

Baseball cap

The male gaze: When a girl wears a baseball cap, she looks casual, relaxed and sporty. And my first thought to a girl is much easier to approach.

Bare back

The male gaze: when a girl wears clothes with a large cutout at the back, it is impossible to look away. Trick — "nudity without nudity", showing at the same time Regal posture, vulnerability and sensuality.

A light dress with a high slit

The male gaze: Romantic, not vulgar and not too openly. These dresses show the right amount of nudity and talking about the fact that she has a sense of self-worth. Slit skirt, which flashes it's very pretty, looks much more attractive than the mini.

Bonus: Curls

The male gaze: There is nothing more sexy than curls that look as natural as possible and a little sloppy.

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