Mystical paintings

Picture of Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" - one of the masterpieces of world culture. I wonder, did the artist himself when drew a picture that decades later on it will go so bad reputation? And it all is that the pattern reaches a trail of fire. And the first came near the Monet's home, almost immediately after finishing work on the painting. Fire in the studio, where there were also "Water Lilies", was quickly extinguished, the painting itself is not affected.

Soon masters paintings became owners of places of entertainment in Montmartre, and a month later the owners pack their suitcases, leaving burned-out building cabaret. By the way, was in the suitcase and the painting itself - one of the few things that was smuggled out of the building in flames. After this picture gained Oscar Schmitz, philanthropist, who lived in Paris. He fared better than the previous owners - his house was untouched for a year ... A year later, the house was only ash and fire, according to witnesses, was started in the room where hung a picture of Monet. By the way, the canvas again to be among one bit of the things that were rescued. Again, the picture migrated to a new host. This time not to the sole owner and the museum - Museum of Modern Art. And it did not pass the fire - it happened after 4 months, this time painting pretty severely damaged.

Another canvas which constantly accompany trouble is the "Venus with a Mirror" Diego Velazquez.

The first owner of the painting - Spanish merchant - ruined his trade deteriorating day by day, until most of its products has been hijacked by pirates in the sea, and a few more ships sunk. Selling under the hammer all that he had, and got rid of the merchant picture. It was acquired by another Spaniard, also a merchant who owned a rich warehouses in the port. Hardly were transferred money for the painting, as warehouses merchant suddenly caught fire from a lightning strike. The owner was busted. Again auction, and again the picture is sold among other things, and again it is buying a wealthy Spaniard ... Three days later he was stabbed in his own house while robbing. The picture then has not been able to find its new owner, too tarnished her reputation was, and fabric wheel for various museums, while in one of them the picture is not rushed insane tourist with a knife and did not spoil her.

Misfortune that bind to different canvases are quite different. For example, many owners of "Adoration of the Magi" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder rid of paintings, believing that it is connected with her infertility in the family.

Interestingly, the cousin of the artist, which he painted this painting, also suffer from infertility, which if passed through a picture in those families where it was stored. Children do not appear, even where women gave birth before without problems.

Known, of course, and the glory of the famous "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci: the picture supposedly mysteriously affects those who stares at her.

Notes this is the writer of the 19th century, Stendhal, who after a long admiring canvas fainted. Rangers Louvre note: like fainting - not uncommon, they befall visitors quite often, and it is in front of a portrait of the Mona Lisa. Yes, and the da Vinci, the memories of loved ones, was like obsessed with painting, constantly trying to improve parts redraw etc. And during his frequent cases of lack of energy, depression advancing.

Mysterious events happened and those who inadvertently "offended" by Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream».

The cost of this painting is 70 million dollars. And, perhaps, collectors would be immensely happy to have around this painting in a private collection :, if not for one thing: they say that the picture if all revenges his offenders.

For example, an employee of the museum, accidentally dropped the canvas, then long suffered from unbearable headaches, which eventually led him to suicide. Another employee of the museum, also dropped the picture, a few days later was in intensive care after a terrible car accident: he had broken almost everything - arms, legs, ribs, pelvic bones ... One of the visitors to the museum, touch the picture, soon burned alive in the house the fire. Perhaps much of that talk about this picture - fiction, but there are dozens of stories that people in any way come in contact with the picture, then severe pain, fell into a severe depression and even died. Many attribute these effects to the life paintings of the artist. Munch experienced the death of almost all relatives: his mother died of tuberculosis - Munch was 5 years old; beloved sister died suddenly when he was 14; soon died brother and another sister became ill with schizophrenia. The artist worried and depressed, and the strongest nervous breakdowns.

Many mysterious stories connected with portraits of people. Sudden death or serious illness imprinted on the canvases for some people even was not so surprising.

For example, the boy's relatives Vasey were strongly opposed to the artist, so try to persuade them, Vasya painted on one of his paintings. They were firmly convinced - it is a great misfortune. The boy still posed, and the result is that the picture Perov "Troika", where Bob is in the middle, became very famous, and the boy died suddenly after a very short time.

These stories a lot.

For example, a portrait of Mary V.Borovikovsky Lopukhina, and she died prematurely of tuberculosis.

Since then, sometimes they say that no one knew how young noblewoman without any reason, just by looking at the picture. Now the picture is exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery and the rumors seemed to have stopped.

Sudden death of models comprehended such renowned artists as Modigliani, Rubens, Rembrandt ...

Died and Saskia, Rembrandt's wife, which can be seen, for example, in the painting "Flora", and four of his children whom he loved to draw, and three of them - still in its infancy.

Died suddenly, and the second wife of the artist - Hendrik Stoffelds, he painted her, perhaps more than anyone else.

A similar story with family and painter Rubens. His nudes were always lovely wife and daughter. Both died suddenly: his wife of 34 years old, the daughter of 12 years.

Among Russian artists misfortune pursued Serov, Repin, Somov and others. They are sitters died shortly after work ended on the pictures with their images.

Girl depicted in the portrait, dying quickly and unexpectedly.

"Lady in Blue" Luba

Death overtook and those who drew Ilya Repin. In particular, the next day after work on portraits died just three well-known personalities:

composer Mussorgsky,


and the surgeon Pirogov.

A further eight models of the artist died, though not the next day, but for a very short time.

One of the paintings that cause fear, kept in the Hermitage. It is an ancient icon, which depicts Christ. Previously, she was put on public display, but then was removed from the exposure, as museum staff were convinced that a series of tragic deaths of employees working in the hall where hung an icon, it is associated with it. One of the experts surveyed picture, speculated that the paintings come from the energy waves, and at such a high frequency that the human exposure is a strong negative. Someone expressed the opinion that the icon was painted by a man has a strong psychic abilities, so the energy is directed at people like force, and the common man to be next to the picture is very dangerous.

Damn picture

This picture painted by Bill Stoneham. The scandal began after one of the shows.

Mentally unstable people who view this picture becomes bad, they lost consciousness, began to cry, etc. It all began in 1972, when the picture was painted by Bill Stoneham old photo, where he was photographed at the age of five and found the house in Chicago where he lived at the time.

For the first time the picture was shown to the owner and art critic Los Angeles Times, which then died. Maybe it was a coincidence, but maybe not. Then the painting was purchased by actor John Marley (died in 1984). Next comes the fun part. Painting found in a landfill among piles of debris. The family who found her and brought home in the first night of a small four-year daughter ran into the bedroom screaming parents that children are fighting in the picture. The next night, the children in the picture were outside the door. The following night the head of the family put the camera on the inclusion on the movement in the room where hung a picture. The camcorder is activated several times.

The painting was exhibited at the online auction eBay. Soon postal addresses administrators eBay began to come disturbing letters of complaint to the deterioration of health, loss of consciousness and even heart attacks. Stood on eBay warning, but the people are known to have neglected many curious and alert. The message text is shown in one of the images

The painting was sold for 1,025 USD, the starting price is 199 USD. Page with the picture visited over 30,000 times, but mostly just for fun. It was bought by Kim Smith, who lived in a small town near Chicago. He is currently looking for anything for his just-renovated art gallery on Ineta. When he came across a «Hands Resist Him» at first thought that she painted in the forties and she is perfect for him as an exhibit.

That would be the end of history, but the letters started coming now to address Smith. Many of them were as before with stories about the poor state of health after seeing the pictures, but there were those who wrote about the evil comes from it. Other demanded just burn it. He was offered the services of Ed and Lorraine even Warrens, known as cast out demons in Amitvilskom house in 1979. Some even remembered the famous murder Satillo in Forest Hills State Kaliformiya. The ghosts of two children, is said to be haunted house in the hills. Psychics claimed: "We have seen the boy. He wore a light T-shirt and shorts. His sister was always in the shade. He seemed to have protected her. Their names were Tom and Laura and they like two peas like children depicted in the picture.

Crying boy

Of all the mysterious coincidences few seem as scary or disturbing as any rational mind, such as those surrounding fire "Crying boy", do not go from the front pages of newspapers across the UK in the summer and fall of 1985.

Brief history was as follows: after a series with anything else not related fires was discovered that the same pattern - a cheap reproduction depicting a crying boy - was present in each of the rooms where the fire started. This detail could be rejected as absurd coincidence, if not turned out also that in all cases, without exception, this picture avoid damage, while all around it burned.

Unusual phenomenon became public in early summer, when one firefighter Yorkshire, Peter Hall, in an interview with a major newspaper reported that the fire brigades throughout the North of England are countless copies of the picture itself, remained untouched by the fire that started for some reason. < br />
Hall decided to let out only after his own brother. Swarms, refuses to believe this story, deliberately bought a copy of "Crying boy" to refute her curse, and soon after his house in Svalloneste, south Yorkshire, for unclear reasons burned to the ground. Seeing that the picture is fully intact, in the midst of charred ruins. Swarms Hall hastily pressed her shoes.

Following the publication of this interview with a British daily received a flood of letters and calls from owners of "Boy", affected the same way. Dora Brand of Mitchum, in Surrey, saw her house turned into ashes within six weeks after she bought the painting, and although it was more than a hundred others, it is this one survived.

Sandra paint from Kilburn said that she, her sister, mother and their friend - all stung after everyone had got the proper copy. Other information came from Leeds, Nottingham County of Ohfordshira and the Isle of Wight. Twenty-first day of October Parillo Pizza Peles, in Great Yartmute, Norfolk, was burned to embers, but "boy" was in excellent condition. After three days of Godber Herrintorpa that in South Yorkshire, also lost his house; In a fire reproduction hanging in their living room, remained intact, although all the other paintings were burned to ashes.

The next day in Hesuople, Merseyside, a pair of paintings hanging in the living room and dining room house belonging to the family of Amos, survived despite the fact that the entire building was torn to pieces by a gas explosion. Not the last days, as there is a new message on the fire "Crying boy", this time from the home of former firefighter Fred Thrower of Telford, Shropshire. One newspaper suggested that all owners of the painting to get her massive burning.

Although the majority in Britain believed that the whole story - the protracted joke, others were less sure. By November, some of the former owners of the "boys" have acquired neurological disease, because they always seemed that the "spirit" of the destroyed paintings now intends to take revenge.

One woman from Leeds was sure that it was to blame for the death of a picture of her husband and three sons, and the other, Mrs. Woodward of Forest Hill in London, felt that with the "boys" are related sudden death of her son, daughter, husband and mother, occurred as a result of not linked to each other, but related to fire accidents. When several fire brigades asked to comment on the growing hysteria over the picture, they refused to discuss the case go to participate in various mass burnings that took place across the country. Nevertheless, the tragedy continues to happen.

November twelfth Malcolm Vaughan from Gloucestershire helped his neighbor to burn another "Crying boy." He returned home and found that the entire living room already on fire, it is unclear how broken out.

A few weeks later a mysterious flame past the house in Weston-on-Mara, county Avon, killing its inhabitants, shestidesyatisemiletnego William Armitage, and the case hit the headlines because of the whole picture found quite near the charred body of an old man. One of the firefighters trying to extinguish the fire, later said: "I've never believed in the curse. But when you see the big picture tselehonkim completely burnt room, and she - the only thing that was not damaged, you realize that it's crossed the line ".

Since ancient times, and even to this day in some religious teachings prohibited draw portraits of people. It is believed that the relationship between man and his image is so strong that any damage to the painting can bring health and human life irreparable harm. In any case, to deny that the paintings carry a certain energy, is meaningless. Another question - whether the picture really affect a person's life, destroy it, leading to severe illness or even death? And what it is: a suggestion, a supernatural power or just a coincidence?


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