How to install interior doors-coupe

Sliding interior doors are a design which consists of one or more canvases and opens or closes the doorway by shifting to the left or right side. They are ideal for small spaces, saving useful area.

You will need:

  • door leaf;
  • the mechanism of interior doors-coupe;
  • guide profile;
  • square wooden beam of cross section of 50 mm;
  • screws for wood;
  • anchor;
  • finishing nails;
  • trims;
  • special fittings for sliding doors;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • level of the building.


1. Remove the old door, remove the door hinges, remove the cashing on both sides. If necessary, remove the old door frame. Align the wall, zashpaklyuyte cracks and crevices.

2. Cut in the bottom edge of the door panel with a chisel groove. Attach the bottom U-shaped rail and secure it. Inside it will move the guide rollers. Insert them in the bottom bar.

3. Install the door panel on the bottom rail, attaching it to the rollers. To do this, insert the door into the slots located at the base of the rollers. Have an assistant hold her.

4. Determine the position of the door leaf place the upper rail on the wall above the opening. Set the door aside and mark a place under the top rail.

5. Fasten a metal bar on a wooden beam. Attach the bar rail to the upper end of the door by means of bolts. Check the tilt of the building level. The timber should be positioned horizontally so that the doors could not open or close spontaneously.

6. Install the door leaf with tilting top. Insert the top rollers into the guide rails. Slightly lift the door and slide her bottom on the bottom rail, setting it on the bottom rollers.

7. Fasten the limiters of the movement to the compartment door flew beyond the guide plates. Attach the door handle. Close the upper guide decorative panel (trim). Attach it to a wooden beam with screws or finishing nails. Mask the panel or trim with decorative buttons.

8. Open and close several times the compartment door after installing, checking thus the softness and smoothness and its fixation.

Tip 2: How to install interior doors

You decided to update your home interior and install new interior doors. Box still intact, but the size of the purchased doors still require fit and proper hanging. How to do it with minimal cost without the invitation of professionals?

You will need:

  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws;
  • saw;
  • plane;
  • hammer;
  • wedges;
  • pencil.

1.Select the best option of interior doors. Preference is desirable to give the products of natural materials, i.e., coniferous breeds of wood, including paneled, partially treated surface. In this case, you will be able to experiment with the color coverage, given the color scheme of your interior as a whole.
2.Measure the doorway height, width and depth. If there is a need to reduce the width of the door and secure it in a convenient position and prostrogat sidewall. If the door is paneled, strovite on both sides to preserve the symmetry of the finish.
3.To reduce the height of the door or saw off the excess astrogate bottom or even top. It is important not to split the corners, so try to work the plane from the corner toward the middle of the binding.
4.Try the door to the doorway, putting it on the wedges. Install the hinges. Typically, for standard interior doors enough two quality folding hinges. For heavy doors, made of, for example, of solid wood, you will need to punch the third loop in the center.
5.Do the same recesses for the valves of the hinges to the jamb box door and trim the door leaf. The exact layout will help the fit with use placed under the door of wedges: in order to encourage them, you lift the door to the desired size of the bottom gap.
6.Note: the optimal distance for the top hinge — 175 mm from the top edge to the bottom is 250 mm. Hang the door first, one screw in each hinge and check the fit. If necessary, deepen one or both of the groove.
7.If the door is produced after fit opened and closed without interference, secure the loop with all the provided screws.

Attention! The door panel must be taller and wider than the door opening five to six inches to avoid gaps between the canvas and the wall.

Be sure to carefully choose the size of the gap between the door and the floor. It needs to be at least 5-6 mm. In the case of carpet, you may need much more clearance to 10-15 mm.

A useful tip! When attaching the hinges on the door make sure that the heads of all screws completely "sunk" in the holes of the valves.



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