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Often, even the most picky landlord, home, exceptionally responsible approach to the choice of the entrance door, with less insistence relates to the acquisition of interior doors, believing that it is sufficient to restrict their attractive appearance and reasonable price. And yet, such an approach is a serious mistake, because the door between the rooms is subjected to higher loads than the input. Of course, it does not threaten the vandals, it is not directly exposed to atmospheric changes, the sun's rays, if it is a door, for example, in a country house or the temperature in the entrance, its noises and smells, if it's the door to the apartment. But, the door between the living rooms exposed to during the day more frequent opening and closing than its input counterpart. In addition, it can lead to the bathroom, washroom or other ancillary facilities. That is, the operating conditions of interior doors can be quite uneven and requirements, of course, different. They fully correspond to the products of the Ukrainian manufacturer Art Door, one and a half decades busrelations supplying quality products not only in the region of its location, but also the entire country. Is more familiar with connecting doors from the Art Dor deserving special attention of buyers.

Features constructioncan to produce their products in 2005, Art Door immediately positioned itself as a company, a follower of the experience of Italian manufacturers of doors, using innovative equipment from leading Spanish, Italian and German brands. For interior doors, characterized by the use of natural timber of pine, harvested in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, and Italian furnishings. Strictly guided by European technology, attracting qualified personnel, organizing on every stage of production strict quality control, the company saw high demand for its products.

Features of its design are to:
  • the manufacture of boxes and canvases using spliced lumber softwood;
  • careful drying of the wood with subsequent pressing;
  • the coating fabric with a layer of MDF or thicker layer of HDF;
  • use for outer cover of the door tight to her ecospun,.

Extensive range, original modelmart Dor offers interior doors in two design styles are in sizes:
  • standard – height 2 m and width of which can vary in the range 60-90 cm;
  • non-standard, – with a height in the range of 1.5-2.3 m, width can reach 30-100 cm

The client will choose the most suitable to place interior doors, opting for one of the 50 represented by models, assembled in 4 original collection: Art Line and Citadel, Molding and Retro-classic.


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