What can you buy for $ 1

When American Jonathan Blaustein bought 10 berries blueberries from early California for one dollar, the price it slightly upset. Not because it is so expensive, and because a month before the dollar, he bought 17 of the same fruit imported from Chile. Jonathan amazed that blueberries, which brought 800 miles from abroad is twice cheaper California. 36-year-old Jonathan Blaustein has repeatedly met in the restaurant menus and in the markets of different cities of products for $ 1, and more than once surprised a different value of the dollar. As a result, he decided to do a project that so called "one dollar", in which he made a selection of photos of products that you can buy for the amount indicated above. Jonathan is not always mentioned the amount or weight of the purchased product - it just as much as you will see in the pictures.

A small portion of salad from «Burger King».

Flour. (Jonathatn Blaustein / Zane Bennett Contemporary Art)

Double cheeseburger from McDonald's. (Jonathatn Blaustein / Zane Bennett Contemporary Art)

The organic grapefruit from natural foods stores. (Jonathatn Blaustein / Zane Bennett Contemporary Art)

4 ordinary grapefruit from the store "Supersave". (Jonathatn Blaustein / Zane Bennett Contemporary Art)


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