How to prepare sushi at home

Very much I love sushi. It is true he did not cook usually prefer to eat in restaurants. Prepare sushi at home is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It does not matter that the first time it will not turn too beautiful. They are less tasty from it will not :) Over time, you will gain the necessary skills and be able to make sushi easily and effortlessly. On average, the cooking process takes an hour and a half. The main types of sushi: 1. Nigiri (sushi compressed): small, compressed rice sticks the size of a finger with a piece of fish on top. Sushi bars are usually served in pairs. 2. Maki (rolls): rice with any combination of seafood and vegetables, rolled up in a sheet of nori seaweed. Subsequently, the roll is cut into pieces. 3. Chirashi-sushi (sushi separate): The most common kind in Japan. Figure decomposed into small containers, and crowned with any combination of seafood and vegetables. 4. Oshi Sushi (pressed sushi): cooked or pickled fish is placed on the bottom of a small container which is then filled to the brim with rice. On top of the rice put oppression. After some time, the workpiece is removed, inverted and the fish is cut up into pieces. 5. Mixed sushi: any others, were not included in the above categories. For example, fukuza sushi - a thin omelet squares used to wrap rice. Today we will learn to prepare two types of sushi: nigiri and maki.

Necessary products

1. Rice for sushi (with short, rounded grains)

1. Rice for sushi (with short, rounded grains)
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1. Rice for sushi (with short, rounded grains)
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Some foods closeup:

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Rice vinegar (su). It is highly desirable to use Japanese rice vinegar, mild and sweet. Chinese and especially Western brands stronger and more acidic, and can clog your scent delicate flavor of sushi. Rice vinegar Mitsukan most suitable, sold in many Asian stores.

Nori (seaweed). Usually sold in packs of 5-10 pieces, and is a dark, crisp sheets, 20 x 18 cm. They are used in the preparation of maki (rolls). In color are dark green and almost black. Those that black - more expensive, but with a stronger aroma.


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