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In recent years, we have become fashionable to use a variety of dishes, for some reason considered exotic. Despite the fact that these dishes at home, they are considered to be fair the food is not gourmet, casual and boring, in Russia they take a lot of money and turn eating these dishes in a kind of symbolic ritual. Of course, for such meals primarily include pizza and sushi.

Pizza - a product so simple and straightforward that we are even talking about it is not going to. Let us remember only about pies and pancakes with a stuffing and marvel popularity overseas counterpart. And the rituals that accompany pizza, uninteresting.

Another matter of land. Food is poor Japanese fishermen and peasants have become truly iconic. People spend a lot of money in sushi bars, bought all that cooking at home, learn to prepare them, cramming obscure Japanese words - the names of bamboo rugs, dried seaweed and so on. People are even willing to start to eat with chopsticks - but for what? After all, what is the main ingredient of sushi and rolls? Average boiled rice. In second place - dried seaweed, or replace them with an omelet. And, of course, fish and seafood, and in our conditions is necessary to use boiled, salted or otherwise treated in order to avoid poisoning.

Then one day, determined to make home a bit of rolls (do not ask why!) With smoked salmon and other pleasures we think deeply about the issues above. And we remember that we live in a country once called the Soviet Union. And we remembered that the culinary traditions of the peoples living in this country, not only rich, but also significantly closer to us than the Japanese and other Far Eastern "delights". We formulated the following principles:

1. Soviet man for food do not need fillers such as rice. If the food is not enough - the Soviet people will seize it with bread or porridge, but it will not turn food into mush.

2. Soviet man did not need dried seaweed for wrapping food. Meals can be wrapped in other foods, and should not be used for this unseemly things.

3. The Soviet man is not obliged to use harmful salty soy sauce and wasabi horseradish pointless sharp. You can and should make delicious and nutritious sauces from traditional products.

4. The Soviet people should not eat with chopsticks. Chopsticks have uncomfortable. Forks, spoons and a hand sticks leave no chance.

5. The Soviet man is kind, hospitable and full of love. Soviet land should be delicious, hearty, varied and beautiful.

Based on the foregoing, we have compiled a list of ingredients, developed the original recipes and cooked (and then be happy to have used) the following:

Next, we describe a little more about our recipes, we describe and demonstrate the preparation of photographs.

Let's start with sauces.

For the first, we have a simple and ordinary Russian vodka grated horseradish (wasabi is not!). Then we simply mixed in a ratio of 1/1 by adding a little salt. If you stick to salt-free diet, the salt can not be added. This is a basic sauce for the Soviet land. MacKay in his sushi, you both drink and a snack.

The second dip is less acute, for the lady's finger, and temperance, made from yogurt with the addition of Russian mustard (about a tablespoon per 200 ml). Salt also propose to add to taste, you can still add finely chopped greens. Instead of pickled ginger, of course, we used sauerkraut, flavored with vegetable oil.

Sovetskaya land can stick to black and white bread, washed down with a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks, and bring to your mouth in any convenient way. The Soviet man did not need tough rules feast!

To begin to do sushi. The first number we take some simple recipe with a minimum of components. Slice boiled potatoes combine with a slice of grilled chicken patties, wrap in a thin longitudinal petal pickles and will fix a ring of onion. We call this recipe "Holiday." Enjoy it, dipped in the basic sauce, and cover your eyes ... do not start to think that you are sitting in the dining room a simple Soviet holiday home in central Russia?

The following recipe - very similar, it would seem, but at the same time quite different in taste sensations. When properly selected ingredients can achieve amazing effects. It is called simply: "vodka". So, take boiled potatoes (by the way, all the recipes we recommend using potatoes in their skins) and thoroughly cleaned herring wrap liberated from the peel cucumber and also attach a ring of onion. Garnish with dill and onion pen.

Then, of course, the two recipes, without which (in a slightly different form) does not do any Soviet feast. Of course, this "Olivier" and "Herring under a fur coat." It seems that all are well known recipes of these dishes, so everyone can easily prepare this land to your liking (for example, we have not added to the herring fresh apple, and many believe it is unthinkable). Notice in these two recipes using mayonnaise, although we are not too welcome this French sauce.

But the recipe for "School Years" is also very simple. The list of fresh lettuce wrap three noodles (thick, gray, real Soviet!) And a third of cooked sausages. Fasten tomato ring. We complemented the dish egg mayonnaise, but you can not do this.

However, not only Russian food can be a source of inspiration. For example, sushi "Baltic": sprats, cheese, green onions. Fix them does not need to, since sprat oil lubricated cheese keeps himself well. We decorate them with fresh dill.

Agree, in Soviet times Poland (and most of the socialist camp) were perceived by us almost like family. In memory of this - the Polish land: on a piece of fresh lettuce, tomato ring in a piece of salty bacon, egg yolk and inserted into it a piece of Krakow sausage. I do not need to remember about "rotten horse meat": Krakow sausage - great tasty product.

Caucasian cuisine is rich in land devoted to "Caucasian", the most difficult to prepare. Fry eggplant rings in oil with salt and spices to taste. The neatly cut a strip of Armenian lavash wrap roasted eggplant, gently lay on top of the grain boiled red beans and chopped pickled garlic clove. Throw a piece of garlic salt, a few leaves of coriander and wrap, and then tie a suitable length of a sprig of fresh parsley. We assure you that all this fuss is justified! Taste - fantastic. Serve with cilantro sauce and tkemali.

We could not ignore the attention and another national cuisine - Hebrew - and created land "Promised Land." Boiled carrots cut into portions, and then cut her core. The resulting hole is placed a piece of prunes and carrots are put on top of the two ringlet onions. Sushi served on matzah and always with fresh honey. This land is not necessary to dunk in the first two of sauce, and should be dipped in honey and jam matzo. Very tasty!

Finally, some kind of recipe: Sushi "To beer." At half flattened yellow whale carcass lay a slice of processed cheese "Friendship" (we insist on this grade!), Cheese - two crackers to taste, and on either side of crackers, place two slices of dried squid rings. All this is necessary (!) To sprinkle tobacco from cigarettes "White Sea". These land can dip into the ninth "Baltika" and must drink it away. Therefore natures aesthetes this recipe does not fit.

In conclusion, we want to give some advice of a general nature.

Although you can prepare a Soviet land and eat them right away, we still advise you to stand for several hours at room temperature, so they are a little zavetrilis and fully revealed all their unique taste.

Serve the Soviet land, we recommend to the old Soviet dishes, optimally - labeled "Gastronomy", but it is possible and in the Czech and Polish the same time. Glasses - strongly faceted. Under these rules will dive into the era of fuller and richer taste.

You can invent any recipes - we hope you get the general idea. So to create, invent and try!

Good luck to you, imagination and bon appetit!

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