How to eat sushi

Now Japanese food is incredibly popular. Sushi bars appear at every turn, rolls and sushi bought at home or make yourself happy. But did you know that the process of eating sushi, too, is governed by a harsh set of rules of etiquette? You can not just take and throw a roll in her mouth! We offer you the basic rules that should follow when you go to a sushi bar.

Sushi and rolls need to take chopsticks ...

... Rather than stringing them into sticks.

If you do not know how to use chopsticks, sushi, you can take your hands.

If you do not know how to use chopsticks, you can learn!

Be sure to place the wand on a ceramic support. If you do not provide such, make it out of paper napkins.

Sometimes it sticks, hashi, there are not very good quality. To remove the extra splinter them, they rub against each other.

When taking food from the common dish, do it with the help of the back of the stick.

Do not poke sticks in people. However, like knives, forks or spoons.

The soy sauce sushi should be dipped by the party which is fish.

Instead of the party, where Fig. Figure flavored, soy sauce and kill all taste.

Do not overdo it with wasabi.

Do not make soup with wasabi and soy sauce. It kills the delicate taste of the dish.

Sushi and rolls are eaten in one bite. Gaga knows.

Do not put the ginger on sushi before eating them. Ginger is eaten between meals to cleanse the taste buds.

Appreciate the beauty created by the chef. Even in Japan, do not know all the rules of eating sushi, but rule number one: to appreciate what you have brought.

Remember this, and your meal of sushi and rolls will be unforgettable.

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