High-quality electronic devices of all brands at reasonable price

Today practically not to find a person who does not use in his everyday life of any electronic gadget, be it smartphone or tablet, a watch or a laptop, any other device or fixture that will significantly simplify the communication and decision business and personal tasks. Not to spend forces, time and nerves on search of the necessary equipment, you should contact the apple store, offering a wide range of electronic devices and accessories.

Perfect smartfone store Apple you can order the thinnest smartphone iPhone 6, its high technical parameters ensured by:
  • the use of microprocessor A8 and M8 motion coprocessor;
  • equipment iSight camera, providing maximum opportunities for video and still capture;
  • high processing speed and increased 50% productivity.
  • the use of technology Focus Pixels and face detection;
  • the use of other design and technological innovation.

Thanks to the 4.7-inch smartphone display and a resolution of 1334×750, is achieved close to the real maximum clarity.

Not less interesting is the proposed store Apple iPad Air 2 with updated anti-reflective coating 9.7-inch display, allowing high resolution to watch clips and movies. Advantages IPad Air 2 consist also in:
  • it has the features of the desktop by using the design of the processor A8X and M8;
  • the ability to function without a break and recharging for 11 hours;
  • equipment improved optics with the iSight camera, allowing to obtain images of high definition and contrast;
  • compact (weighs just 345 grams. at a thickness of 6.1 mm);
  • the presence of Touch ID that provides guaranteed protection devices and triggered from a password in fingerprints of the owner.

Laptops and smart watches Apple store can purchase at a reasonable price laptop MacBook, characterized by maximum functionality and original design. Accessibility to various opportunities provided by the staffing of its powerful processor with 4 cores processors and OS X.

Store employees will also help in choosing exactly the model Apple Watch of 3 presented collections (in styles: business, formal and sports), which is most suitable for a particular client. Owner of smart watches from Apple is the opportunity to know the exact time, but also get a reminder about an important event, date, access your personal Manager or coach, listen to the music.


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