Supplies metal and metal products, manufacture of metal structures of various types

Being relatively new, but already well proven its necessity, the invention of the human structures now being implemented by many industries, construction, manufacturing of items for commercial, household purposes, etc. without losing its relevance for many hundreds of years metal, and now are an integral component of any technological process. Using the useful properties of metals (various grades of steel and cast iron, other materials, alloys thereof), metal become a unique quality, consisting in:
  • strength – metal products able to withstand enormous loads in different temperature and climatic conditions;
  • reliability and durability, stability to destruction;
  • elasticity and flexibility, acquired in the result of processing dependent on the intended use of the product;
  • ease – in comparison with concrete products, brick and stone;
  • ease of installation and dismantling;
  • cost-effectiveness and aesthetics.

All these qualities fully correspond to the metal products company Avaloneast for more than a dozen years widely demanded by the clients not only in Kiev but all of Ukraine's regions.

A wide range of olugbade own material and technical base, availability of innovative equipment, highly qualified and responsible personnel, the company Avaloneast able to efficiently and at the optimum time to solve problems related to:
  • the supply of metal products, rolled metal products;
  • design of steel structures of various types, their manufacture;
  • manufacturer medizdeliya for various purposes;
  • installation and painting of steel structures.

In addition to these main areas of operation the company provides professional-level associated with:
  • reveal laser sheet metal according to customer's drawings;
  • tube bending and sheet metal according to drawings;
  • powder painting of metal products;
  • the manufacture of furniture from metal
the implementation of a number of other works using various metals (aluminum, steel, iron and their alloys).

A simplified procedure zacatecanos the convenience of ordering their products and services, Avaloneast have developed a simplified and professional manner to its implementation. For quick answers to basic questions related to the preliminary calculation of structures and products from metal, the customer doesn't need a personal tour of the office. Enough send on e-mail request with the application documents, drawings, metalwork or any other version of the requirements specification process of their production (e.g., visualization).

And later, at the next stage, carried out the order, clarifying its details, meeting directly at the office.


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