High-quality and reliable services of the company"Hosting Ukraine" ICANN-accredited

Service with constant access to the Internet and providing server resources for scripts and images, and query processing of user clients, the structure is called hosting. Selecting as a partner the hosting accredited Corporation, which manages domain names and addresses-IP (ICANN), the client can be confident in the reliability and stability of its services, unproblematic registration of international domains without any intermediaries. Exactly the qualities you'll be "Hosting Ukraine", a company accredited by ICANN including 3 leaders of the country, functioning in this field.

Undeniable preimushestvenno opting "Hosting Ukraine", the client will immediately appreciate the benefits of the company, consisting in:
  • providing quality web hosting without any restrictions on time of operation (to be provided round the clock support 24/7) and memory (at least 96Gb) with high capacity (120 Gbit/s in total) channels, a presence of unlimited mail and other attractive opportunities;
  • the stability of the service for the smooth operation of a unique system for monitoring the operation of the equipment with the task of not only warning of emerging problems, but also analysis and forecasting of their appearance, abilities, load balancing server, online migration, which allows, without stopping to translate them to another cloud server;
  • guarantees the security of customer data protected through the use of encryption systems, daily updates of the OS kernel, use anti-theft and other events;
  • the reliability of data storage due to their daily backup, easy restore site from backup, automatic access;
  • simplicity and understandability hosting for all developers and web studios;
  • affordable cost of services and the availability of a free trial period for 5 days, accumulative system of discounts, possibility of renewal of hosting, domain, VPS and dedicated servers in the loan.

Types of hostingo the client's request it can be provided by the company rent dedicated server hosting with the transmission of a single physical machine receiving the result:
  • the preinstalled operating system is FreeBSD, CentOS, Debian or Fedora, Ubuntu;
  • full root access to the physical server;
  • basic technical support.

More economical for the user who needs a small amount of memory may be renting a VDS, services providing for sharing by multiple clients of a single server resource. In this case, each of them is guaranteed to receive its allocated resources.


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