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Have you ever thought about the fact that the Internet is also affecting the environment. And that is the same picture with the prom, which is already 15 years old and you see her at best once a year and remove it from the profile on Facebook does not impact on the environment is not a virtual method. And now some details.

Why the Internet is not green?

So, you enter the name of the website in your browser. Press "Enter". And the server that stores all the files of the website, can give you instant information.

All data that can be found via the Internet are on the servers. What would people in different parts of the Earth can obtain information at any time, the server is plugged in 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

According to statistics, in 2012 the work of the hosts, that is, those servers took 30 billion watts of electricity. To provide this amount of energy should be about 30 nuclear power plants. Only in the US energy, which consume the server equivalent to the one that goes to lighting 5 million(!) homes.

Traditional sources of energii — coal, oil, gas. In this production of energy is released pixellogo gas into the atmosphere. In year one small hosting contributes to the emission of 20 tons of CO2. When you save this trend, by 2020 the number of emissions of web hosting will surpass the airline.

Removed old photo — has become more environmentally friendly.

In the same 2012 Internet vyhrazena was about 2 trillion gigabytes of digital information. And this number is constantly growing.

The bulk of the time servers operate in standby mode. It is more than 80% of electricity. And your prom picture we talked about above, your business correspondence, video, pretenzii, books and a bunch of unnecessary digital "stuff" lies on "cloud" services. And hosting is ready to provide information immediately upon request. But no this request. Many files we not traded for several years. And it is unlikely you this information is so needed.

Tip one — it's time to do the virtual cleaning.

Green hosting or not so bad

But there is good news. Some hosting companies have already been using to power their servers solar, wind and other renewable energy sources.

For example, office and data center hosting AISO solar-powered. During the year the company manages to avoid ejection of the carbon dioxide, for processing which would have to plant a forest area of 32 000 sq. m. All buildings AISO painted white, the buildings do not overheat, which simplifies the job of the cooling systems of servers. For air-conditioning facilities AISO uses rainwater.

A large part of the hosting services that call themselves green, yet have not found a way to fully switch to renewable sources of electricity, but already took a course on energy saving. The company minimizes electricity consumption and purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs ), that is, invest in electricity production from wind and sun. Mostly companies buy RECs for exactly the amount of energy used. There are exceptions, the Green Greeks hosting buys certificates for energy in the amount of three times more than your company uses. Therefore, Green Greeks is considered to be 300% carbon neutral.

Unusual step in the direction of ecology made the Site5 hosting. The company plants a tree in honor of each new customer. The majority of employees working remotely to reduce the carbon emissions from daily drive to office and back. It's not enough to obtain "green" certification Green-E certification, but it is enough for the image of the eco-friendly.

Ask your hoster what he's doing for the environment?

Source: greenhunter.ru/blog?id=4362


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