6 reasons to start drinking green tea

Green tea is very popular today. However, while some people think that this is just a fad, others know about the undoubted benefits of green tea and can name at least 6 reasons to switch from coffee to green tea (or at least alternate these drinks).

1. Green tea reduces feeling of anxiety
This drink contains L-theanine, which increases the level of production of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, in the end, we experience the effect, similar to what a person feels during meditation. Besides, it stimulates alpha brain waves, associated with a natural state of deep relaxation and improved mental clarity. In summary, we have improved the learning ability and attention, a sense of fun.

2. Green tea promotes weight loss
During one of the experiments mice are overweight fed along with food containing fats, additives with a compound EGCG, which is rich in green tea leaves. It was observed that animals treated with such supplements, gained weight 45% more slowly than mice that could only eat fatty foods.

3. Green tea lowers the blood sugar level
Did you know that drinking green tea daily, at the same time with the ingestion of starchy carbohydrates, you can stop a sharp rise in blood sugar levels? Nearly 50%! It makes sense to listen to the experts and drink 1-2 cups of green tea, when taking food that contains carbohydrates.

4. Green tea can protect eyesight
Green tea's antioxidants protect against the occurrence of glaucoma and other common eye diseases. The effect produced by the antioxidant components of green tea is to reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress on the eyes and can last up to 20 hours. To the protective properties of the beverage worked so it should be drunk regularly.

5. Green tea can fight bacteria resistant to antibiotics
It turns out that green tea helps antibiotics to fight resistant bacteria, making this combination three times more effective than antibiotics. The impact of this kind have been found against 28 disease-causing microorganisms.

6. Effects of green tea on the brain
Green tea is able to increase the production of new brain cells, improving memory and spatial learning. This is again the fault lies with the extract EGCG.

Source: www.gastronom.ru


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