15 free applications for a healthy lifestyle

These are real helpers who will follow you and tells you how to make yourself luchshe.Esli you want to fix your figure, improve health and just spend time with benefits, the this article is for you. Here we have compiled the top 15 apps that you do not need to buy, but you can use them for their workouts and diets.

Editorial Website know that the main thing on the way to a new life - a start. Occupation with any of these applications will be a great start.

We believe, as probezhali

Use: Runkeeper - the perfect app for running, biking and other activities. It captures all the details of the training: the route, distance, average speed, elapsed time. You can listen to music and simultaneously measure the pulse various sensors.

Platform: iOS, Android

Improving figuru

Use: using the application Nike Training Club girls can improve their figure. It is enough to choose a goal - the harmony, strength, tone, - and you get access to a huge amount of exercise. In general, men can only envy.

Platform: iOS, Android

We believe kalorii

Use: MyFitnessPal - the easiest and most convenient calorie counter, which contains a database of more than 3 million items. It displays the contents of protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, fat and cholesterol. Its main feature - bar code scanner for easy product search. In addition, MyFitnessPal has its own set of exercises, and counts the number of sets and repetitions.

Platform: iOS, Android

How drunk vody

Use: n Appendix reminds you when to drink water, and keeps track of habit. You only need to enter your current weight and the program will help to determine how much water you need your body daily. Each of you drunk a glass shall be designated in the program and remember Waterbalance volume.

Platform: iOS, Android

8 minutes pressa

Use: the most famous in the world of training to work on his belly. 8 minutes a day you will train all sections of the press, focusing on each type of muscle. Each exercise you can see in detail in the video.

Platform: iOS, Android

Throw kurit

Use: if you want to quit smoking for a long time and need motivation to commit this act, then this app is for you. It contains information about more than 70 diseases, calculator smoker, tests, stories, facts, tips, and even quotes of famous people about smoking.

Platform: Android

7-minute trenirovka

Use: program for executing a 7-minute charging based on the principle of cyclic exercise of high intensity, which we wrote about in this article. The advantage compared to the picture is the voice guidance and timing of the complex.

Platform: iOS, Android

Downloading muscles and consulting profi

Use: in Gym Training will find a lot of helpful information about nutrition and exercise, as well as ask questions to professionals. There are separate programs for men and women, training diary, sources of vitamins, protein analysis types.

Platform: Android

Measure puls

Use: Instant Heart Rate - an application that will help measure your heartbeat. You just need to put your finger to the camera, and it will capture its movement. In the determination of the exact results of the program requires only 10 seconds.

Platform: iOS, Android

Smart budilnik

Use: application is designed specifically to combat the lack of sleep. Determines the best time for your awakening, cycles and phases of sleep, including a special music for sleep and waking.

Platform: iOS, Android

Engaged yogoy

Use: application Yoga.com Studio is the largest base of key and employs more than 280 asanas and breathing exercises. You can view the video instructions and begin to engage in, even if you did not have before practice. Designed specifically for the rehabilitation and improvement of the general condition.

Platform: iOS, Android

Crouching on ulitse

Use: Street Workout considers squats. To cheat the system fail - your personal English speaking coach feel when you squat, and when not, and will count exactly the number of approaches that you can do actually.

Platform: iOS

Personal trener

Use: Endomondo Running Cycling Walk - a personal trainer who motivates and does everything to make your sport continued to be fun and have fun. It keeps track of speed, distance, calories. Analyzes results and volumes of training, monitoring the pulse.

Platform: iOS, Android

Collection diet

Use: more than 1000 diets - ranging from the classics (the Kremlin, Japanese or kefir diet) to the new trends (diet on charcoal or ginger tea).

Platform: iOS, Android

We believe shagi

Use: application Moves do not need any fitness bracelets and can easily keep track of the amount of distance traveled per day. Do not try to bluff - the program will understand that you got to the store by car instead of on foot.

Platform: iOS, Android

If the application does not support system of your phone, do not worry - you can always find an analogue. And remember that the main conditions for the success of any training are strength of will and perseverance.

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