11 free applications for editing photos

Website gathered for you a few simple and pleasant to use programs to improve your photos. You might even want to get rid of all the filters in Instagram after you try one or more applications from the list.

Pixlr Express

More than 100 effects (including light), frames, crop, resize and rotate images, automatic image improvement, red-eye removal and even the "whitening" of the teeth. What is nice, the base functions is constantly updated by developers.

Platform: iOS / Android


Very easy to use, fast and practical interface. It contains everything you need for a primary correction of photos, including editing the brightness, saturation and contrast in individual areas of the image, the diameter of which you can also customize. In addition, the application works quite quickly, which is good.

Platform: iOS / Android

Photoshop Express

Professional Photoshop is an analogue of the application, of course, will not. But the primary image editing is fine. Free applications are available in 10 frames, 10 filters, adjusting the exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, red-eye removal. And for a fee you can buy a lot of extra buns.

Platform: iOS / Android

Pix: Pixel Mixer

Very simple and fun photo editor, beloved and familiar to many. Well designed and high quality made. The main thing is what he can to please, is more than 30 filters, more than two dozen teksturok and about the same number of frames.

Platform: iOS / Android

PicsArt Photo Studio

The program allows you to create collages, change the filters, control the tonality and color photos, add text effects, remove red-eye and more. Additionally, you can create hand-drawn images. In general, the function is really a lot.

Platform: iOS / Android


This application is particularly pleasing a nice interface and speed. In addition, it boasts a variety of effects, frames and custom filters. By the way, the full version, which gives access to more than 100 effects, 100 frames and 200 teksturki also cost you inexpensive - just one dollar.

Platform: iOS / Android


Muzy very simple and functional application: you can make collages of pictures, play with a bunch of frames, use the built-in editor for images and even text can also be added. Quite a handy and fun thing.

Platform: iOS / Android

Camera360 Ultimate

Great camera, lots of effects, smooth and beautiful interface allows the program stand out from the large number of photo editors. Introduced three years ago, it has been continuously improved and supplemented by the developers, and ultimately turned out okay and quality application.

Platform: iOS / Android

Phonto - Text on images

You can make your photos really unique, adding to them a sign. There are a large number of predefined settings and fonts. You can even add your own fonts. Surcharge few dollars, you can get the full functionality, but for the everyday needs of free capacity will be sufficient.

Platform: iOS / Android

Camera Awesome

Create a video, about 100 effects, over 30 frames and textures, a lot of settings to select the option exposure and still many, many things. The full version is also available for a fee, but it should not get upset: what is available initially, should be enough for most.

Platform: iOS


You can create collages, you can edit individual photos, apply effects and apply various filters. Distinguishes this program is that there is an opportunity to see a preview before the application of a filter.

Platform: iOS / Android

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