Amazon will go into the smartphone market, Unity - in the analyst, and Candy Crash Saga - in China - the main mobile news this week

Amazon (rumored) will release its smartphone h4>

We have repeatedly written about the fact that Amazon is making active attempts to stake out the status of "third-Store". The company's activities in this area is very diverse - from luring developers of popular applications on Android and the introduction of its own currency to the development of a game studio in-house and run cross-platform statistics for applications.

In our opinion, to create an ecosystem always plays an important role having its own "glands". Until recently from Amazon for all business applications market built around different versions of the tablet Kindle. However, according to recent reports (yet at the level of rumors), the company is seriously thinking about entering the smartphone market.

Moreover, the new product (, whose photo has "flowed" in the network, is positioned as a 3D-smartphone. Announcement devaysa assumed at the end of June. It will be interesting to observe the distribution of it - Amazon will actively use its channels or just finally made a breakthrough in the "mass market".

Unity bought mobile analytics startup Playnomics h4>
Unity continues to behave aggressively in the mobile market development. Following the absorption of service Applifter, which offers a platform for recording and video sharinga of mobile games, Unity acquired startup Playnomics, which represents the analyst for mobile developers.

The purchase price was not disclosed, and the two sides do not comment on the deal.
The company won the tender Playnomics VentureBeat - Who's Got Game at the conference GamesBeat 2010. In February 2013th Playnomics raised $ 5 million from Vanedge Capital, and before that the company has invested in Accelerator Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures and TriplePoint Capital. In total Playnomics raised $ 8 2 million.

Currently Playnomics handles billions of gaming events in the month, and enjoy the services of a service game with millions of monthly active players.

This transaction confirms the desire of Unity become the only platform for mobile developers in the format "all in one". We are waiting for the absorption (or start) something in the spirit HockeyApp?

King comes out in China with Tencent h4>
King will release one of the most successful mobile games in the world Candy Crush Saga in Китае using local Internet giant Tencent. Chinese version of the game will be available through Tencent's Mobile QQ and Weixin Game Centers.

At the present moment the King 324 million active players per month, and the launch in China will allow the company to receive hundreds of millions of new players!

Enlisting the support of Tencent, King strengthened in Asian markets: in 2013, Candy Crash Saga launched in Japan and South Korea. China - a very important move for the company, which is able to brighten up the disappointment of not very successful IPO.

Twitter launches advertising mobile applications h4>
Twitter объявил the launch of its own advertising network Twitter Publisher Network. Like Facebook, Twitter will help publish promotional tweets with links to mobile applications midst ribbon tweets.

This solution is built on a technologically bought last year network MoPub. With his help advertisers can advertise to not only its 241 million users, but billionth user base MoPub Marketplace.

Again, by analogy with Facebook, Twitter gives advertisers a set of tools for measuring and promotions. Now the solution operates in closed beta. Her testing companies such as Spotify, Kabam and GREE.

AppAnnie published a report for the 1st quarter 2014 h4>
AppAnnie published a new report on the mobile market at the end of the 1st quarter of 2014. Acquainted with the full version, you can then ( And we, by tradition, will tell you about the most interesting, in our opinion, the moment.

By downloading applications worldwide Google Play App Store ahead by 45%. This result is linked with the countries where the market Android-devices is growing at a good pace: Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

At that App Store still brings more money than Google Play. According to the results of the 1st quarter of this year, Apple's application store has brought 85% more money than Google Play.

Chinese App Store showed the biggest increase both the boot and income. In the first quarter, revenue increased by 70%. In February the country appeared to 1 million new Phone-users.

Games - the most popular and the most earning category in both Storey. Messengers continue to show growth and is gaining top positions in the tops category Communication on Google Play and Social Networking in the App Store.



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