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Games virtual casino Vulkan diverse: craps, roulette, card games, Wheel of Fortune... But the real pride of the collection gaming club — slot machines online slots Volcano, working on the principle of "armed bandits". The secret of their popularity, primarily in the simplicity of the device apparatus. In order to play (and sometimes win!), no need to remember complex rules to look for the operating strategy and to keep in memory a variety of algorithms for different situations. Just select on the t design of the emulator and run the drums. However, the Studio developers, taking into account the wishes of a certain part of the client audience, produce software with the ability to influence the outcome of the round and "pump" the characters for a more successful game.

Virtual machines: classification
With all the variety of subjects, the principle of the basic game in any of the online machines is to collect the prize chain for active lines. Depending on the number of reels slots are:
  • 3-reel — accurate simulation of "armed bandits" from land-based gambling establishments "nineties". These online slots Volcano differ very simple rules, primitive design and minimal number of lines (often only one). These machines are popular among players-the conservatives and beginners. Bonus game and risk missing the round;
  • 5-reel emulators are most often encountered in virtual clubs. The number of paylines up to 100. In addition to the usual special symbols. The wild helps complete a winning combination (as an option, there are "sticky" and expanding symbols), a Scatter symbol, appearing on the playing field a certain number of times, activates the bonus game. Almost all online slots Volcano enable to activate the gamble game after successful rounds. This is a chance to increase the winning;
  • 7-drum — different, unusual and striking design. Special characters and related bonus tournaments available. Lines located in the vertical and horizontal directions.
  • 9-reel online slots Volcano in many respects similar to a model with 3 reels. The only difference is that the rotation of each character separately. Many emulators in this series are connected to progressive jackpot.

Feature slot machines jackpot
The dream of many players virtual casino to win big. Especially for them, invented on-line simulation with a jackpot. There are 2 varieties of Jack-prizes:
  • fixed;
  • progressive.

Fixed the Grand prize is a certain amount of money, which is assumed as a win when triggered by certain symbol combinations. The prize pool of the progressive jackpot is formed from allocations of part of the bets of the participants. Its dimensions are much higher, but the probability of luck is much less.


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