The best hosting for the site. Reliability of the server, protection against DDoS attacks and technical support

The owner of any website faced with the problem of choosing a suitable hosting provider. In order to choose the best hosting service for your resource, you should pay attention to several important criteria. In particular, you need to focus on the ratio of uptime and downtime, as protection from DDoS attacks, the availability test period, speed and promptness of the technical support and location servers.


Uptime and downtime
One of the main challenges of any online resource is server unavailability. If you have this problem, the site is "down", and search engines can practically write him off. Therefore, a simple server can cause the disappearance of the website from the search results and the subsequent refusal in placing of contextual advertising. In addition, these outages certainly have a negative impact on the reputation of the website among its visitors. That is why site owners are encouraged to make choices in favor of the hosts, which guarantee the stable work at the level of 99.9%.

Protection from DDoS-attacks
For the smooth operation of the Internet resources should be ensured a high level of protection from DDoS-attacks, which can completely paralyze the work of commercial and informational sites. The result of these attacks are significant financial and information losses. Reliable protection against DDoS attacks is considered to be one of the prerequisites to ensure the smooth running of any online resource. With this purpose, often using a special system of protection Arbor Networks. It provides high quality filtering and removal of all known types of attacks.

The test period
The choice of provider can also impact the provision of such services, as the test period. Depending on the operating conditions of the host this period can last from one week to several months. Taking advantage of the trial period, the website owner will be able to evaluate the provided functionality and stability of the provider.

The speed of your website affects not only customer loyalty, but also on the assessment of the resource with the search engines. Therefore, the performance of the host should be at least at the level of 3-4 seconds.

It is worth mentioning that the speed depends on the selected tariff plan. The placement of the site on a normal server with a lot of "neighbors" will significantly slow down its work. Given this fact, the perfect option is to rent a dedicated server, which will allow it to withstand even a large influx of traffic.


Technical support responsiveness
In hosting there are often situations when you need the prompt assistance of technical support. Therefore, the choice of a suitable hosting provider should be done with the speed and quality of response, the representative of technical support.

Server location
An important criterion is considered and the location of the servers. Internet resources, advancing in the domestic market, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of hosting companies, data centers, which are located on the territory of Russia. This is because search engines consider the location of the site. Therefore, in search results, priority is provided to local sites.
In conclusion we would like to remind you that taking into account all the above criteria will allow us to determine the best hosting provider for your website.


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