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Interior doors are almost irreplaceable functional element of the interior and an integral part of any design environment. The thing that makes each person approaching the door selection – this determines the style used in the design of residential or office space. Other important criteria for the selection of door modifications is:
  • Features of a constructive nature (the door should open and the number of valves);
  • Dimensions;
  • Level of quality technologies as well as materials and fittings, which were applied by the manufacturer with the release of the product.

Newfangled interior doors pleasing as its exquisite finish and variety of artistic interpretations of many buyers. Besides, models in the budget category often perform on a level with the external parameters of the attractiveness of the design premium. As for the important working characteristics, they are directly dependent on the exact observance of the rules of operation specified by the manufacturer.
What is the difference between doors economy class from the more expensive samples
Interior stylish doors represented on the pages of the electronic catalog of the site No1 are the most worthy specimens of the art design. Because these models of plastic, wood, glass, metal and composite materials. Affordable choice products with hinged doors and door coupe, accordion and even doors with original swivel mechanism.
A separate category here are the doors with the author's original artistic design.
The price of interior doors can vary in a large range. But this does not mean that the samples that are offered at the lowest price, critically have lower quality. Budget group is only the products of mass production, it is often involved recycled wood and high-tech polymers with different modifiers.
Frame interior doors of an economy subject to production of an array of conifers, and the filler is plywood and pine sticks or even honeycomb cardboard. The external finish consists of veneer, plastic or laminated film. Many models are fitted with imported fittings with locks, which is quite a solid guarantee for long-term operation.
The benefits of doors of economy class are:
  • light weight;
  • ease of care;
  • beautiful design;
  • facilitated installation.


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