Epic blockage of the brain


Epic blockage of the brain: How destructive people skillfully shift the responsibility on you

Destructive people — carriers of malignant narcissism, psychopathy and antisocial traits often exhibit inappropriate behavior in the relationship, the result of exploiting, humiliating and hurting their partners or partners, relatives and friends.

They use a lot of red herrings, designed to mislead the victim and to pass on to her the responsibility for what is happening. These techniques are narcissistic personalities, such as psychopaths and sociopaths to avoid responsibility for their actions.

as narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths try to turn you into an obedient herd

Enumerated two dozen not-too-clean methods through which inadequate people bully others and plug their mouths.


Gaslighting is a manipulative technique which is easiest to illustrate these typical phrases: "I didn't", "You thought" and "are You crazy?".

Gaslighting — perhaps one of the most insidious methods of manipulation, because it aims to distort and undermine your sense of reality; it erodes your ability to trust yourself, and as a result you begin to doubt that their complaints of abuse and mistreatment.

When a narcissist, a sociopath or a psychopath uses this tactic against you, you automatically take his side to settle cognitive dissonance. In your soul are two irreconcilable reactions: either he's wrong, either my own feelings. The manipulator will try to convince you that the first is quite possible, and the latter is true, evidence of your inadequacy.

In order to withstand gaslighting, it is very important to find support in their own reality: sometimes it is enough to record what is happening in the diary, tell your friends or share with your support group. The value of the support that it can help you to escape from the distorted reality manipulator and look at things yourself.


One sure sign of destructiveness is when a person is chronically unwilling to see their own shortcomings and uses everything in his power to avoid responsibility for them. This is called projection.

Projection is a defense mechanism used to displace responsibility for their negative traits and behavior by attributing them to someone else. Therefore, the manipulator refuses to acknowledge its guilt and responsibility for the consequences.

Although we are all to one degree or another, resort to projection, a clinical specialist in the narcissistic disorder Dr. Martinez-Levi notes that the daffodils of projection often becomes a form of psychological violence.

Instead of admit their own shortcomings, flaws and transgressions, narcissists and sociopaths prefer to blame their own evils on their unsuspecting victims, and the most unpleasant and violent way.

Instead of having to admit that it would not hurt to do them, they prefer to instill a sense of shame their victims, shifting them accountable for their behavior. Thus Narcissus forcing others to experience the bitter shame he feels towards himself.

For example, a pathological liar can blame your partner in a lie; in need of a wife may call her husband "stickiness" in an attempt to put addicted to it; a bad worker can call the chief ineffective to avoid a truthful conversation about their own performance.

Narcissistic sadists love to play "shifting the blame". The purpose of the game: they win, you lose, the result — you or the world in General to blame for everything that happened to them. Thus, you have to nurse their fragile ego, and in response, you are thrust into a sea of uncertainty and self-criticism. Cool idea, right?

Solution? Not "project" their own sense of compassion or sympathy for a destructive person and don't take it poisonous projections themselves. According to the expert on manipulation Dr George Simon in his book "In sheep's clothing" (2010), projection of their own conscience and value system on the other may encourage further use.

Daffodils at the far end of the spectrum, as a rule, are not interested in introspection and change. It is crucial to sever all relations and ties with destructive people to rely on their own reality and begin to appreciate yourself. You don't have to live in the cesspool of other people's dysfunctions.

as narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths try to turn you into an obedient herd

Hellishly pointless conversations

If you're hoping for thoughtful communication with a destructive personality, you will be disappointed: instead of the careful companion you will receive the epic clog the brain.

Narcissists and sociopaths use a stream of consciousness talking in a circle, go to the personality, projection and gaslighting to confuse you and confuse, you at something to disagree or challenge them.

This is done in order to discredit, distract and frustrate you, to sidetrack from the main theme and make you feel guilty for what you are — a real person with real thoughts and feelings who dare to differ from their own. In their eyes the problem — in your existence.

Just ten minutes of a dispute with a narcissist and you're wondering how even getting into this. You just disagreed with his ridiculous assertion that the sky was red, and now all your childhood, family, friends, career and lifestyle mixed with dirt. This is because your disagreement contradicts his false belief that he is omnipotent and omniscient, which leads to the so-called narcissistic injury.

Remember that destructive people are not arguing with you, they are, in fact, arguing with yourself, you are only a partner a long, exhausting monologue. They love the drama and live for it. Trying to find an argument to refute their absurd claims, you only throw fuel to the fire.

Do not feed the narcissists — better feed myself understanding that the problem is not you, and their abusive behavior. Stop communicating as soon as the first signs of narcissism, and spend this time on something nice.

Generalisations and allegations

Daffodils can not always boast of an outstanding intellect — many of nichoals not used to think. Instead of spending time and to understand different points of view, they make generalizations based on any of your words, ignoring the nuances of your argument and your attempts to take into account different opinions.

And even easier to hang on if you have any label — it automatically negates the value of any of your statements.

On a larger scale generalizations and allegations are often used for the depreciation of phenomena that do not fit into baseless social prejudices, schemas, and stereotypes; they are also used to maintain the status quo.

Thus one aspect of the problem is inflated so that a serious conversation becomes impossible. For example, when popular personalities accused of rape, many immediately start shouting about the fact that such accusations are sometimes false.

And although false accusations do happen, yet they are quite rare, and in this case the actions of one person are attributed to the majority, whereas the specific accusation is ignored.

Such daily manifestations of microaggression typical destructive relationship. For example, you tell the narcissist that his behavior is unacceptable, and in response he then makes an allegation about your hypersensitivity or generalization such as: "You are always dissatisfied" or "You do nothing like it," instead of paying attention to really the problem.

"Wolves and sheep" Or as narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths try to turn you into an obedient herd

Yes, you may sometimes manifest hypersensitivity — but it is equally likely that your abuser shows insensitivity and callousness most of the time.

Do not depart from the truth and try to resist the unreasonable generalizations, because it is a form of totally illogical black-and-white thinking. For destructive people to scatter unfounded generalizations should not all the wealth of human experience is only their own limited experience, coupled with a bloated sense of self-esteem.


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