Most helicopters of the twentieth century (10foto + letter)

The last time the Military Channel «pleased" its ratings in small arms and tanks. This time they made a rating of the best helicopter of the twentieth century. Rating compiled in 5 categories: the relevance of its time, vitality, intimidation factor, length of service and functionality. Since their emergence in the Second World War, Foklendskoy War to the present day helicopters changed the battle. They were engaged in the evacuation of the wounded, moving troops into the war zone and export them out. Over time, they became a formidable fighting machine armed with missiles, cannons and machine guns.

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10. OH-13 «Sioux»

Manufacturer: Bell Helicopters
Type: Multi-purpose helicopter.
Powerplant: 6 cylinder engine VO 435A1 Lighcoming
Armament: 2 machine guns 7.62
Payload: 2 stretchers with the wounded or the 450 kg payload.
Cruising speed: 134 km / h.

Legendary helicopter since the Korean War, the "Angel of Mercy", which flew to places where others feared to appear. Notable teardrop cabin. Open welded tubular tail boom and the high location of the fuel tanks. His 2 blade propeller characteristic sound uttered "Chop-Chop" because of what all the helicopters became known as "choppers." The helicopter was very vulnerable to small arms and anti-aircraft fire.


Manufacturer: FOCKE ACHGELIS
Type: multipurpose helicopter
Powerplant: one nine-star-piston engine BMW 301R power of 746 kW (1000 hp).
Armament: MG-15 and two 250 kg bombs.
Payload: 1000 kg
Cruising speed: 120 km / h.

FA 223 was the first mass-produced helicopter. He took to the air in 1940. Nicknamed "Dragon" it really was a huge beast. Its length - 12 m, and the distance between screw - 24 m. It could fly in the harshest conditions. After the defeat in the war, the helicopters would bring allies to explore, but the ship was loaded with technology. It was decided to send it together with the pilot and the protection of the air. So - this is the first helicopter has flown the Channel.

Manufacturer: Draft British company Westland and French Aerospatiale
Type: light multipurpose helicopter.
Powerplant 2 x GTD Rolls-Royce Gem 2 capacity of 671kVt
Armament: 2 x 20 mm cannon, containers NAR SNEB caliber 68mm, 8 anti-tank «Toy».
Payload: 10 or 900 kg of cargo.
Cruising speed: 245 km / h.

Lynx started to support Mi helicopters used in Britain in the 70s. In 1986, a relief Lynx broke the world speed record for helicopters. Then he developed 401 km / h. The most successful model is the sea. This variant is equipped with a folding tail boom and deck claw "Harpoon". During the war Foklendskoy Lynx successfully attacked the Argentine submarine. Anti-submarine helicopters can carry anti-submarine torpedoes Mk.44 or Mk.46, homing torpedoes "Sting Ray", two depth bombs Mk.11, 6 beacons 4 AS.12 SD or SD BAC «Skew" and also sonar "Alcatel" DUAV4 or "Bendix» AN / AQS-18, or a magnetometer.


Manufacturer: Boeing
Type: medium transport helicopter.
Powerplant: 2 GTE Textron Lycoming T55-L-712 power 2237 kW each
Armament: 2 machine gun caliber 7.62.
Payload: 33-55 soldiers wounded on a stretcher 24 or 11,800 kg of cargo.
Cruising speed: 265 km / h.

Genius structure enclosed in a 18 m rotor rotating in opposite directions. This arrangement eliminates the need for a tail rotor. For the first time applied in Vietnam, he was subjected to severe tests. In just 2 years the helicopters carried 161 thousand in the air. Hours. It can carry 105 mm field gun. In peacetime, it transports zhiznenovazhnye loads in the disaster zone.

6. MI-24 "Crocodile»
Manufacturer: Rostov Helicopter Plant
Type: 2 seater helicopter gunships.
Power plant: 2 x TV3-117, 2 x 2200 hp
Armament: A mobile machine-gun installation USPU-24 machine gun Yak B-12 7. 4 ATGM 9M17 anti-complex "Falanga-M" 20 8 mm rockets S-8.
Payload: 8 soldiers.
Cruising speed: 298 km / h.

MI-24, known as "Crocodile" was a cold-blooded predator to the Cold War. Able to destroy manpower, tanks and other equipment, he fought on 3 continents. And became a symbol of Soviet military power. Housing 24ki good protection against small arms and grenades. After setting a helicopter returned to base with 20 bullet holes in the hull, lopostyah, fuel and hydraulic systems. In Afghanistan Mujahedin called him "Shaitan-Arba." In the largest operation led by the CIA to Afghanistan, supplying missile systems "Stinger" to counter these helicopters. One of the drawbacks of the Mi-24 was the strong heat radiation.

Manufacturer: Hughes Helicopters
Type: light helicopter of observation and fire support.
Powerplant: Allison T63-A-5A.
Armament: 2 machine guns 7, 62 and 2 units for 70 mm rockets.
Payload: 4 soldiers with weapons.
Cruising speed: 220 km / h.

He received the nickname "Flying Egg" and is able to perform maneuvers can drive into a tailspin any other helicopter. CAYUSE was sent to Vietnam as a light observation helicopter. Pilots nicknamed him "loach", and he worked with attack helicopters "Cobra" as part of search-and-shock group. Vyul flown over by the trees, trying to call the hit and attack helicopter at this time barazhiroval at high altitude. Once someone crazy enough to fire at the loach, Cobra immediately processed aim missiles.

4. AH-1 Cobra

Manufacturer: Bell Helicopters
Type: attack helicopter.
Powerplant: 1 x Avro Lycoming T53-L-703, 1h1690 hp
Armament 1 20 mm triple-M197 Vulcan cannon with 750 rounds. Combat load - 1542 kg for 4 hardpoints: 8 (2x4) ATGM BGM-71 TOW 2 PU LAU-68 and LAU-6 c 7h70 mm or 19h70 mm NUR Installation of 4 UR "air-to-air» AIM-92 Stinger, 2x8 SD "air-to-surface» AGM-114 Hellfire, containers with cannon and machine gun armament, two 40 mm grenade launcher.
Cruising speed: 278 km / h.

Serial production of "Cobra" launched the war in Vietnam was already in full swing. The need for close support of infantry from the air has become a vital and AH-1 immediately joined the battle. Through rapprochement with the enemy "Cobra" could use its entire arsenal.

3. UH-1 HUEY

Manufacturer: Bell Helicopters
Type: multipurpose helicopter.
Powerplant: 1 x GTD, Textron Lycoming T53-L-13.
Armament: 2 machine guns 7, 62 and 16 70 mm rockets.
Payload: 11-14 soldiers, 6 stretchers with the wounded or 1360 kg of cargo.
Cruising speed: 185 km / h.

Sound lopostey this helicopter has become a legend in itself. Helicopters of this model built more than 16 thousand. Hi entered service after the Korean War. In which the US military realized that for a quick evacuation of the wounded and zabroske troops needed a faster and more survivable helicopter. Because of the weak protection pilots were very vulnerable. More than 2,000 pilots and crew members died in Hoth Hi Vietnam War.

2. UH-60 Black Hawk

Manufacturer: Sikorsky Aircraft
Type: multipurpose helicopter.
Power plant: 2 x GTE, General Electric 701D, 2 x 2000 hp
Armament 2 6 tistvolnyh gun Minigun 7, 62, 16 anti-tank missiles HellFire.
Payload: 11 soldiers, or 3,630 kg of cargo.
Cruising speed: 257 km / h.

Due to large cargo hold, it can perform a variety of tasks. Very good pelotiruemy in bad weather or when the wind is strong, it can deliver the goods, a soldier, or else take out the wounded. October 3, 1993 2 American "Night Hunter" were shot down over Mogadishu, and the phrase "Black Hawk Down" entered everyday language. In the fall of helicopter seats are lowered by 30 cm, while consuming huge amounts of energy.

1 AH-64D Apache Longbow

Manufacturer: Boeing
Type: attack helicopter.
Power plant: 2 x GTE, General Electric T700-GE-701, 2 x 1695 hp
Armament: 1x30 mm (M230 Chain Gun, 1200 CH.), 16 anti-tank missiles AGM-114 Hellfire or 4 installation with 19 70-mm NUR Hydra 70
Cruising speed: 265 km / h.

Adopting in 1984 was a response to the US to attack the ground forces of the USSR in Europe. Modern possibilities of leading to Apache pilots to fly it. February 27, 1991 Apache attack helicopter and attack aircraft A-10 attacked the retreating Iraqi army on the highway. Thus destroying huge Collon technology. The radar mounted on the rotor can be identified and classified 120 goals, to allocate 16 of the most dangerous and inflict a blow aimed.

Helicopters that are not included in the rating, but simply can not be shown to the public:

RAH-66 Comanche

Type: All-weather reconnaissance and attack helicopter
Power plant: 2 x T800-LHTEC to 1560 hp
Crew: 2 persons (pilot and camera operator)
Armament: 1 trёhstvolnaya 20-mm automatic gun XM301 (500 rounds ammunition), the inner compartment 6 x guided missile system AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, or 6 x FIM-92 Stinger, external suspension: 56 x 70 mm NUR Hydra


The biggest helicopter in the world. The first production helicopter with 8-bladed rotor.

The V-22 "Osprey»

Middle multipurpose tiltrotor, which acts as a helicopter during takeoff and landing and during the flight turns into a turboprop aircraft.



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