How to collect helicopters (19 photos)

egor-lavrentiev climb into the sky a couple of tanks, armored personnel carriers Park ton or seven power line. This can not only carrier rocket "Proton M", but also our transport helicopter Mi-26 - the largest in its class. Produce this flying warehouse in Rostov-on-Don at the "Rostvertol". I will not reveal all the cards, but I miraculously managed to go there. By the way, they say that those who crossed the threshold of a military enterprise, then do not let abroad. I hope your summer vacation to Cyprus no longer fall through.

«Rostvertol" is a holding company "Helicopters of Russia" - the most profitable assets of the corporation "Russian Technologies". This company - the third in the world in terms of output helicopters. Today, its order backlog reached 1,500 helicopters (the elderly, the designers call their helicopters).

"Rostvertol" works from the late 40s. They say that if the plant was producing aircraft of wood !!! Well, that over time they retrained. The military was afraid to fly on logs.

First they showed me the very assembly shop of the Mi-26. It can be loaded up to 20 tons of cargo. The Americans are doing analog, but it stands in 1, 5 times less.

I think this is the shop? No shower. It's just more like a hangar. It can accommodate one helicopter, for example, three-ton Ka-226. Or a truck "Kamaz". In the frame of the helicopter, you can pick up a tank.

One Mi-26 carried the Tu-134 - not an easy burden.

But he bail out stricken US helicopter "Chinook". Do not fool around, America.

To work to approach such a colossus, need real construction "forest". The height of the helicopter - more than 8 meters, which is comparable to a three-story house.

In this picture is easy to estimate the dimensions of the giant Mi-26. By the way, this year they want to start production model with a reduced crew (two people instead of five), modern avionics and infrared vision. 15 helicopters already ordered in India. Our Ministry of Defence on this occasion, too, woke up and became interested in a new modification.

And then collect the attack helicopter Mi-28. NATO officials fear he was nicknamed "spoiler." Designed machine to destroy tanks in a highly bloodbath.

In this technique, you can do "loop the loop" or "barrel" (when the car abruptly turns 360 °). I would not want to be in place in order erring tanker who accidentally stumble in the dark on the Mi-28N, no wonder his second name - "Night Hunter».

Armor plates on the car kept getting a head armor 12, 7-mm bullets, high-explosive 20mm shells, and even fragments of guided missiles.

The plant closely monitor the quality of which, incidentally, is recognized around the world. But in 2007 the Mi-26TC certified Civil Aviation of China - for a long time they were thinking. Probably pretend how much time it will take to copy.

Young people willingly go to the factory. At lunch there satisfied with this American basketball. Local Michael Jordan did not give me any chances - I have not won with a score of 15: 8.

But in tennis to win one set.

After halophytes with three kinds of meat I was shown the assembly of "Crocodile" Mi-24. In the original it was the first modification of the Soviet and the world's second special-purpose combat helicopter (we jump on the American AH-1 "Cobra»).

A pinwheel is exported, with the logo of "Rosoboronexport". Our machines were purchased in 2011 in Peru - the Mi-35P, Myanmar - Mi-24P, Azerbaijan - Mi-35M.

The plant not only collects helicopters but also carries out maintenance. Now here are upgrading car Siberian Airlines "SKOL". Well, I hope they bring it to the normal view, though, in my opinion, it is easier to buy a new.

Just straight from the tin combat helicopters will soon go to the defense of the motherland. In 2011, "Rostvertol" 100% fulfilled state defense order. Our forces have replenished with new Mi-28N helicopters, Mi-35M, Mi-26.

At the end of the tour I even showed how to fly here so handsome. Made to feel the full power of the Russian equipment. Machine beast. As a result, I was really blown away!

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