How to update the interior for 1 day: 27 Lithgow from the designer, who worked for 10 years in France!

One of my friends is a talented artist and designer who has worked about 10 years in different cities of France, shared interesting design techniques. They will make the interior look expensive for absolutely minimal cost as budget and time.

If the interior has long lost its gloss and looks a little scruffy, it's time to change something. And never mind that the additional financial cost of repair, even cosmetic, is not included in the family budget.

Fast remontrance «Site» prepared for you 27 design tricks, how to update the interior in just 1 day. Watch and get inspired by!

  1. Try to paint old linoleum in fashionable colors.
    Forty seven million one hundred ninety five thousand eight hundred forty four

  2. Analyze all the pros and cons of the original locations of the items in the apartment. Perhaps the chairs, which were bought for the kitchen, perfectly complement the interior of a living room, a chair from the living room will add comfort to the bedroom. Try to rearrange the furniture.
    Fifty three million six hundred ninety thousand nine hundred sixty eight

  3. Hang mirrors in simple frames on the Cabinet doors. Then paint the frame the color of the door so they looked like fitted.
    Twenty eight million three hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred sixty two

  4. From the old remnants of fabric, which are still no use, can sew original covers for pillows and bedspreads or decorative napkins.
    Fifty six million six hundred sixty two thousand nine hundred sixteen

    And if needlework is not your thing, use a ready-made textiles, such as clothing. Bright light dress on the wall, lift your spirits and reminds you of summer.
    Thirty four million two hundred forty eight thousand one hundred eighty six

  5. Use curtains to hide unsightly storage space, which often becomes a mess.
    Seventy one million three hundred sixty five thousand thirty one

  6. Fashion trend in interior design — focusing on one wall in the room. This technique will allow with minimal effort to give a new mood to the bedroom. Oakley headboard Wallpaper, contrasting with the rest of the interior color or texture, and can place photopanel with an interesting pattern.
    Eight million one hundred eleven thousand nine hundred thirty one

  7. Braid the curtains. This simple technique will create comfort in the room.
    Sixty four million four hundred twenty six thousand six hundred seventy six

  8. Briskly to refresh the familiar interior using contrasting curtains. The easiest way to choose bright fabrics to follow the principle of opposites of cold and warm shades.
    Fifty five million eight hundred seven thousand six hundred sixty three

  9. Combine different curtains.
    Ninety three million one hundred seventy five thousand two hundred seventy seven

  10. An old refrigerator can be easily decorate by using a metallic adhesive tape or paint spray.
    Sixty three million nine hundred seventy nine thousand three hundred ninety nine

    Spray paint and tape-self-adhesive — simple but handy tools to turn old appliances to new ones. And, of course, your imagination and hard work!
    Fifty five million twenty eight thousand one hundred sixty three

  11. Do not hide books in the shelves of closed bookcases, because they can be a great element of the decor of the room.
    Thirteen million six hundred ten thousand eight hundred twenty one

    Unobtrusive presence of books in various corners of the apartment makes the interior cozier and gives him intellectual chic.
    Fifty five million seven hundred sixty nine thousand one hundred eighty four

  12. This technique will help to smoothly integrate the technique into your interior. To do this, put the TV in a picture frame.
    Eighty million seven hundred thirty thousand eight hundred eighty eight

  13. Use the stand for desserts to store household chemicals in the kitchen. Looks quite unusual, isn't it?
    Thirty two million one hundred sixty two thousand one hundred forty

  14. Disguise unsightly air vent with a rubber Mat and metallic paint. Great find!
    Eighty one million nine hundred thirteen thousand nine hundred seventy two

  15. Hang from the eaves above the bed to do canopy. And rest as shamahanskaya Queen!
    Fifty eight million three hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred forty five

  16. No matter how much time is left before the New year to create a festive atmosphere in your apartment right now. To do this, get glowing lights — additional lighting has a positive effect on mood and liven up the interior!
    Forty six million six hundred sixty one thousand seven hundred thirty eight

  17. Do accent — colored ceiling.
    Sixty million eight hundred fifty four thousand eight hundred seventy eight

  18. Decoration wall wooden planks appropriate in any room.
    Nine million five hundred fourteen thousand four hundred fifteen

  19. Repaint old furniture. The design completely depends on the flight of your imagination!
    Fifty nine million three hundred fifty thousand one hundred

  20. Think about the Souvenirs brought from other countries, a frayed rug, a vintage chest or a plaster bust of the leader inherited from my grandmother. All this can serve as decoration and give the room a trendy, eclectic environment.
    Sixty seven million nine hundred ninety one thousand nine hundred eight

  21. As you know, there is no bad weather. So why not turn to her for help? Create seasonal charm…
    Forty seven million twenty five thousand two hundred thirty one

    Use vases or any other containers to decorate your house with bright accents appropriate to the time of year. In the spring this could be flowers, summer fruit, autumn songs of the leaves, winter pine branches.
    Thirty two million nine hundred one thousand one hundred one

  22. Use surround vinyl stickers, which mimic the mosaic tiles to update an apron in the kitchen. Change is great!
    Eight million twenty eight thousand seven hundred sixty four

  23. A great solution for switches and sockets will be inexpensive, decorative frames.
    Twenty two million eight hundred twenty three thousand two hundred eighty seven

  24. Nothing is more uplifting than a happy and smiling faces of family and friends. Dig into the old albums, transfer your favorite photos from your hard drive on paper and come up with interesting compositions. Hang on the walls of your favorite photos.
    Forty eight million fifty eight thousand four hundred ninety two

    You can decorate the wall of various framed or create a collage of the original form. Any experiments are welcome.
    Forty nine million seven hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred ninety eight

  25. Your apartment certainly has some green spaces. Build for them a new original "houses" that will delight the eye and highlight the interior.
    Twenty six million nine hundred forty three thousand three hundred nine

    Unleash your imagination and new life to the cans or the tea set that you never used.
    Thirty nine million eighty six thousand four hundred fifty two

  26. Wrap exposed wire suede ribbons. Of course, it is a painstaking job, but the result is worth it. Looks very unusual and attractive!
    Ninety five million nine hundred thirty five thousand two hundred forty three

  27. Additional shelf with decorative overlays, will give kitchen cabinets a solid appearance.
    Seventy nine million six hundred thirty four thousand two hundred seventy eight

Most of us are accustomed to consider the interior of a house or apartment with the concept of static. Made repairs for the next several years enjoying his immutability and monotony. But if there is a desire to change the usual view of the surrounding space, we often face a shortage of time and money.

From this design idea you can make changes in the home depending on the mood and wishes of your family. Changes — always for the better!

I really liked these tips, I hope you will be useful. Do not forget to share this article with your friends!

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