Energy of Your house — what you should know

Bad, when the house had no energy, but when it's filled with negative energy is even worse. It brings not only fatigue and irritability, quarrels and leakage of money, but disease and even destruction of the family. That is why the house should from time to time to clean.

How to understand that your home has accumulated negative energy and needed "treatment"? This will tell you the following signs:



-there are cockroaches, ants and other insects

-lost or misplace things

-ill residents and Pets

-you sick, and even dying flowers and house plants

too often burn out light bulbs

-too often broken appliances

-hear strange noises and sounds

-there are bad smells for no apparent reason and their source

-you slamming doors and vents

-constantly dripping or running water, leaking pipes; drafts

home arguing all the time

-households with a strange drowsiness, apathy, fatigue

-sleep does not bring recuperation, bad or bad dreams

-the houses were strangers, whose sincerity is in serious doubt

-in the house someone died in

If at least three points of the above match, you need to think about how to cure your home.

How to cure your house?

To get rid of negative energy is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To cope with this problem using simple rules. To do this energy should be cleaned 3-4 times a year, like a regular General cleaning of the apartment.

1. Cleansing your own negative energy.

Before you start cleaning the house, you need to remove negative energy from yourself. For this you need to take a shower, but not simple, but with salt. The fact that salt is a conductor of energy. It can accumulate both positive and negative energy. And dissolved in water the salt is able to wash away negative energy that has accumulated not only a day, and over the many years, that is to destroy the entire energy of the dirt from which you may be unaware of this, so long suffered.

So, take a shower, and then on wet skin massaging movements apply normal table salt. Be sure to cover all surfaces, except the hair but do not RUB salt very much, do it gently, so as not to feel discomfort.

Then stand back under the shower and rinse off the salt water. When you do this, mentally see the water please wash away all the bad.

Pick your own words frame of mind, see the water as a living being, the main thing that it was sincere and your words were from the heart. You'll feel good and light on the soul, and the body will become easy and extremely clean. Water with salt will cleanse your body and soul. You think you got rid of some heavy burden. And it will be right, because the energy of the dirt that washed away the water is, indeed, very hard for people.

2. Preparing for energy cleansing at home.

And now came to do an energy cleansing of your home. Dress as simply as possible, better if it is a dressing gown or track suit. You should be no jewelry – no metal, no leather, no plastic.

You have to be completely energy neutral. Around the house or apartment where you live, open the vents, and if possible – and Windows, and entrance doors. Don't be afraid of the draft, through it takes all the negative energy. Let the people who do not take part in cleaning, leave the house. Send the household to the movies or for a walk, so they do not interfere with you to do the cleaning.

So the first thing you need to do to begin "treatment" of your home is to get rid of old and unnecessary things. Remember, what you do not use more than a year, collects negative energy.

Mercilessly throw or give unnecessary things to free up space for new and needed! Fix all broken equipment, and if repair is impossible — without regret get rid of it. Do not accumulate unnecessary books, magazines and other paper junk books you can donate to libraries, and paper trash to hand over in points of reception of waste paper.

Never keep a house of broken dishes, even one in which there is a small crack. Through it takes positive energy, and together with her family and household well-being. Especially dangerous are chipped dishes, it forms a strong leak of positive charge.

Do not accumulate dirty dishes! Left overnight dirty dishes collect in your home a hotbed of subtle beings (spirits and ghosts) that feed on the remaining food smells, it will not affect your physical and mental health. In the Vedas it is said that if the house remains or accumulates dirty dishes, then the person must leave this house before sunset.

Do not accumulate trash and dirty clothes, wash them as often as possible and watch your things if you can't fix them yourself, give to repair or sewing workshop. You will be surprised how your life will change and your relationship if you just put things in order in your closet!

So you got rid of junk, simultaneously cleaning the house like a normal harvest. Now wipe all the mirrors in the house. To do this, take a damp cloth and do hand circular motion clockwise. Only together with the visible dust will leave the energy mud.

Try to remember how many years you have this mirror so much and make circles with a wet cloth. Then you will completely destroy the entire accumulated over the years, negative information. If you do not remember how many years the mirror, do thirteen laps.

3. Ocenivaem and sprinkle

You will need a few sprigs of Hypericum, Thistle or Heather. Also prepare a bowl with water. It can be structured (preferably thawed) or Holy, but in any case not water.

First, sprinkle every corner of the house with this water, then soak her face and hands and wiping, allow to dry. Then ignite the twigs of plants and will acurite them the whole apartment, carrying the smoldering twigs at all angles. Cleaned everything, mentally visualize how the energy escapes the dirt.

4. Cleansing the house with a candle.

You will need a few slim Church candles, but you can use regular household white candle.

Take a candle and put on her small circle cut from white paper. It is necessary to protect your hands from the negative energy, which will absorb the melted wax.

Light a candle and slowly walk around with her entire house, moving clockwise. Start driving with the front door is the main gate to the negative energy. Therefore, the doors should be given special attention. Stand at the front door from the outside and slide the candle around the perimeter from left to right.

A good treat candle peephole door and its entire surface, not forgetting about the pen and the bell. Then proceed to the processing of the inner side of the door, making all the same.

You have to understand that properly treating the doors, you can be sure that the negative information will not penetrate into your home.

Now move further along the perimeter of the apartment in a clockwise direction. Look into all the dark corners, don't forget about furniture, especially in the hallway, clothes and shoes. Pay special attention to Windows, mirrors, corners, and hangers, because they accumulate a lot of energy dirt.

The walls of the handle, holding the candle circle, then lifting her up then dropping down. Your gut will tell you where the climbs and descents. In General, more listen to your inner voice and follow its prompts. Well treat your bathroom. This is a place that absorbs a lot of negative information, especially the mirror in the bathroom. Because in a bath you wash away the dirt, and the energy dirt settles on surfaces. Don't forget to door handle and switches, which often touch hands.

The largest energy storage – household appliances., that is, computer, refrigerator, TV, etc. They carry a huge charge of negative energy from outside, especially the computer and TV. They will linger over and handle carefully.

Be sure to triple cross the bed and bed linen. Starting from the head. Avoiding the apartment, don't forget about the toilet and utility room. Especially carefully treat the toilet, where it goes a lot of negative information. So she didn't come back, it must be a good "burn".

When you're finished cleansing the house with a candle on a saucer will be one or more burnt-out candles. Immediately toss them in the garbage, the contents of which immediately send in the garbage disposal (move to trash).

5. Cleansing of hands after cleaning.

When cleaning is finished, remove the remnants of the energetic dirt from the hands, where she would inevitably fall.

To do this, wash your hands with soap under the tap. Then wash your hands with salt and wait until they dry. After that squeeze the hands and remember them, flexing the fingers. Then RUB the palms of both hands clockwise. And finally, shake hands. To clear the remains of negative energy. Only the cleansing of the hands you will take no more than ten minutes.

6. Re-cleaning.

To check how well it is cleaned and whether they require re-cleaning (which you need to spend in three days), light the candle and wait until you burn half. When the saucer and the candle will appear melted wax, look at its shape. If she were ugly, and the wax is dark, so dirt is still left. But if the wax will be bright and will drain even a nice jets, your apartment is fully cleaned of negative energy.

And for the prevention of...

Light the candles

Very useful to light candles at home, especially in the room before something happened or is happening now. The purifying power of fire is not comparable with anything! So feel free to throw your favorite romantic evening with lots of candles or just light sometimes in the evening to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Use natural fragrances

Feel free to use different flavors and spices. But ensure that they were genuine. Essential oils, aroma-lamps, etc. – the perfect solution. Not only do they fly the aura of your home, but will also lift your mood, improve health and stimulate creative energy. The main thing to find "their" scents.

My floor

Very useful to clean in house floors with water, which added to herbal teas. Special force, healing energy at home, have wormwood, St. John's wort, series, juniper, pine. And at least once a year, despite the abundance of mops of all structures and configurations, you need to clean the floor with your hands – it will create in your home a special aura.

For additional disinfection, purification of the aura of the house and give it a fresh flavor add to water for washing floors a few drops of essential oil or mixtures of them. On the situation, mood and season you can use different scents — eucalyptus, lavender, juniper, citrus, pine oil.

Wet cleaning

How often do wet cleaning and dust, especially from hard to reach places — under the bed, behind wardrobes, in corners and in the attic. Don't let the tubing to become clogged — this indicates the accumulated negative emotions. Dripping or flowing water carries away the welfare, health and money from home, so keep your plumbing system in good condition, close the toilet lid after use.


In any season, in any weather you need at least once a day to ventilate the room – not to make a draught, and give access to clean, fresh air. It expels negative energy from the house and brings new, healthy energy.

Bells and "music of wind"

Hang in your home bells and "music of wind". The sound of bells frightens off thin living beings and purifies the space. Scientists have repeatedly proven that the sound of bells and bells varies so much energy that it even inhibits the development of epidemics, the growth of mould, fungi, and parasites, and severe suicidal depression! In addition, the bell hanging above the door ringing as it invites blissful energy to enter the house. "Singing wind" and help the cleansing of your home space and the circulation of energy.

And finally. Take time to cleanse the apartment from negative energy. You will gain clean and healthy housing, in which every individual will be healthy and successful. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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