What to do if the kitchen was filled with food moths

Kitchen moths very quickly propagated, and to get rid of it is not very easy, but with the right approach, it is possible.

The moth lays eggs in almost any dry foods (tea, nuts, cereals, dried fruit and many others), which can penetrate. Soon the larvae of food moths that ruin the products not only gnawing holes in them, but their excrement and skins left after degeneration in adult insects. It is clear that eating spoiled mol products anymore.

Kitchen moth easily tolerate the lack of air and lack of ventilation. She may well live and breed well in a sealed jar if purchased dried fruit or cereal, there were eggs or larvae of the insect.


If the kitchen seen the moth or the traces of its larvae in cereals, it is necessary to take it out. Given that, what do butterflies eat nothing but eggs and larvae are products, to bring this insect is difficult. But, knowing the peculiarities of his life, you can understand how to get rid of food moths at home and to secure food supplies from its occurrence in the future.

The first step is to review all the inventory of bulk products. If cereals, fruits, legumes, nuts or flour are moles, these products should immediately throw away – still use them for food, no one will. If there are products that are not badly damaged by the larvae, they can try to save to touch, and heated in the microwave or in the oven for about 15 minutes at a temperature of 60-70 degrees, after cooling, fold in a sealed container for storage. Products this method will not hurt, but the rest of oviposition and larvae of the insect destroyed. Similarly, it is possible to handle all dry bulk products that can live mole, as stored at home and brought from shops.

Cupboards and tables, and also containers for food storage should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. All the grooves and cracks where they can hide insects, have fluff of vinegar, then rinse with clean water. Doors tables and cupboards should be left open to complete drying.
In case where preserved insects, to get rid of them will trap for food moths, which should be placed directly in the cupboard between the tanks. The remaining butterflies, attracted by the smell, will stick to the adhesive tape and die. This measure is in any case will not be superfluous: first, by the presence of the stuck insect can be concluded that pest failed completely withdraw and require re-treatment, and secondly the stuck insects will not be able to produce offspring. A well-established trap Aeroxon food moth, suitable and well-known trap – Raptor.


Kitchen moths do not tolerate fresh air, so regular ventilation of the kitchen as well as kitchen cabinets and tables can be used as a cure for food moths. In order not to appear larvae, it is important to prevent adult butterflies indoors.

As repellent agents often use garlic, the cloves of which are laid out in racks and tables, and also containers with flour and cereals, although there are allegations that a grain moth can adapt to the smell. To get rid of harmful insect, it is better to put on the shelves packets of pepper, oregano, Bay leaf or cloves. The smell of spices will not spoil the products but will scare the butterflies. Also spices a good scare this insect peppermint, lavender and sweet clover. The bags of dried herbs laid out on the lockers. Food moths can not stand the smell of citrus, so orange and lemon peel will also help to get rid of it.
On the window sill in the kitchen would be useful to put a pot of geraniums is known preventive remedy for many insects.
But how to deal with food moths, if it is constantly where-that flies in the apartment? It can only help mechanical methods of struggle: the vents and the vents must be closed with thick mosquito nets, cover up, or to glue all the cracks through which insects can enter the apartment.
Sharply smelling substances and insecticides to use in the kitchen for obvious reasons is not very desirable. But if, in order to get rid of moles, nevertheless, decided to resort to chemical substances, it is necessary to strictly observe the instructions for use and use personal protective equipment.

Knowing how to get rid of food moths, this would be not so difficult. After all measures have been taken to get rid of moths and larvae, you need a few weeks to test the products before using them. In addition, the acquisition of habits of constant carrying out of preventive measures against kitchen moths, such as ventilation, sachets of aromatic herbs in the lockers and geranium on the window sill – does not require large expenditures of time and effort, but will help prevent the appearance of this enemy in the house.published

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