10 mistakes in kitchen renovation is to take into account and to avoid!

The kitchen remodel is almost the same difficulties as repair in the bathroom, if not more. You need to provide lots of details to decide on the style, with storage by furniture and many other issues.

We decided to gather together the most common mistakes that people make when decorating the kitchen, and I hope that this list will get you something useful and help avoid stress, and unnecessary expenses and grief in the future.


So what are the 10 mistakes are allowed more often?

1. The incorrect location of the zones

That's what this bill thinks designer Elena Ostapova, who told us about how to make the kitchen properly.

Between the sink and stove should always be a distance of minimum 60 cm.

You must also provide a minimum of 60 cm of the free surface for distribution and serving meals.

Always build the industrial chain: washed product — butchered, shredded — put in cooked — pulled and ready to serve. This will reduce the cooking time, and the number of your unnecessary movements in the kitchen.

Remember the sequence: sink, working space, a stove, a still space.

And remember that the stove should not coexist with a refrigerator.


2. Inconvenient location of equipment

This is especially true if we are talking about the built-in technology. Too high or low location of coffee machines, the oven or the dishwasher can be extremely inconvenient. Try to place equipment at waist level and outcome of average height living in the apartment.

Suggest before you make a decision on the location of the equipment, walk the stands at the store, and see real examples of what the height will be the most convenient for you.

In preparing this material, I went through a lot of shots built-in appliances and selected two examples as illustrations. Since my height is not too large for me built-in appliances, for the kitchen below, would be erroneous. I'm afraid I'd have to stand on tiptoe to get meals from the microwave, what with my innate grace forced the food periodically to fall and fly around the kitchen.

The photo below is the location of the equipment is perfect for me. You can see what is happening in the oven and in a microwave oven, and agree that sometimes a pretty sight and out in order to understand the finished dish or not.

3. Capricious floors

Kitchen is the place where the floor could fall not only hairs from the head, but the pots, utensils and even small appliances (and it happens!). If you have children or someone of the family members is poorly developed grasping reflex, it is not necessary to do wooden floors or laminate in the kitchen. Such surfaces are unlikely to retain its original form for too long.

For example say that the glossy bright tile (and very dark too) is a mistake -- first of all, it is slippery, secondly, seen any dirt, thirdly, the chips very noticeable. And nothing to do!

By the way, I heard from mistresses that travel to the stories about that rough tile on the floor is punishment, as washing it very difficult.


4. Insufficient lighting

So in the evenings you are not tormented by the feeling that you made somewhere in the dungeon, think in advance about different scenarios of lighting along the kitchen cabinets, above upper cabinets over the dining area. Light is never too much!

5. Not enough outlets

No room in the house does not need so many outlets, like the kitchen! Do the math, why the need for sockets: kettle, fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, food processor (grinder), coffee machine, toaster, slow cooker... the List goes on and on. You should consider all the techniques that you use and add to this a pair of sockets just in case.

Our advice: do at least 8 outlets in the kitchen. Can't go wrong.


6. Inappropriate storage of equipment

Another problem for hosts is that technology becomes more and more (how can we live without waffle or fashionable nowadays KitchenAid mixer?), and the kitchen hardly gets bigger. If you do not plan to put the equipment along the countertops or on the window sill, you need to consider the boxes inside. And, mind you, drawers boxes, though more expensive, but much more practical. Stories of ordinary people are convinced that in ordinary boxes far space is a "black hole" where nobody goes...

On personal experience I want to advise you to abandon storing small household appliances on the upper drawers of the kitchen cabinets. I have not once thrown an electric can opener (strange, but very handy thing!), and all because the wiring for something clung and set off a chain reaction.

7. Marble countertop

People who choose natural marble as a material for countertops or even flooring, in one voice declare that this is a very capricious material that absorbs dirt forever.


8. Unprotected kitchen apron

Apron in the kitchen is a place susceptible to dirt and heat most, so his finishing should be approached with special attention.

It is not necessary to glue on the apron Wallpaper (if you still want to do it, then you should install the top panel of tempered glass).

Painting apron with regular paint next to the stove is also not advised, as it will instantly oblasts. Paint similarly worth defending near the plate, as did designer Maria Kolesnikova in his apartment in Butovo.

9. Protruding knobs of the drawers

They may not be a problem, in that case, if the handle is not in the Cabinet near the wall. Possible situation in which the handle will rest against the wall and not allow you to fully open the Cabinet.

And about the sharp and protruding knobs often I thighs during quick movements, which is also unpleasant.


It is also interesting to Know and not to repeat the error 5 of the kitchen renovation on personal experience

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10. Underfloor heating throughout the kitchen

This item could even be funny if it were not so sad. Some people who are independently engaged in repair in the kitchen, make heated floors around the perimeter and only then you realize that under the kitchen and especially the fridge they shouldn't be.

Think about how to store furniture in advance and do not overdo it with warm floors.published

Author: Elena Wananavu


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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