How to get rid of food moths forever

Food moths — an extremely harmful insect, which might wind up even on the clean kitchen and cause significant damage to the products.

Noticing the flying butterflies in the apartment, do it immediately! We'll show you how to get rid of this winged menace.

By the way, food moths is much larger wardrobes and wings she darker. It is important to distinguish these types.

How to get rid of food moths

If the detected moths, and caterpillars are available. It remains only to identify them. Carefully check all packages and containers with cereals, inside corners of cabinets.

The moth also likes to settle in the dried fruit, dry pet food, nuts, flour, spices, cookies, and candy. Look for cocoons and webs to weave that mol likes on the covers of cans and seams of food packages.

Finding "pockets of infection", throw away without a second thought. It's a pity, but nothing can be done...

Thoroughly wash the cabinets with vinegar, boric acid, lemon juice or just soap and water. The cracks treated with a brush dipped in vinegar. After 30 minutes, wash it all with plain water and wipe with a towel.

As repellent agents put on the shelves notched cloves of garlic or sticks of cinnamon.

Deter pests will also help the bags with mint, lavender, wormwood, Bay leaves.

And yet, the best way to fix the problem is prevention. Therefore, in order to protect themselves from the greedy tenants, use our recommendations.


Flour, cereals and other granular products are better to purchase in store. Expect to eat them for 3-4 weeks and then buy a new one. On sale now is everything, and the stores often hold various promotions on a product.

All purchased products are keep in a glass, tightly closed containers. If the parasite was brought from the store in the package, then through the glass to detect the infiltrator will be much easier. Moreover, the contents of one of the banks to throw out easier, than the whole Cabinet.

Moths can not withstand high temperatures, so if there was a need to buy cereals in large quantities, put in a roasting pan and carefully proquali in the oven.


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Also, mole is afraid and low temperatures: bought a package with cereals or flour put overnight in the freezer.

Perhaps this is all you need to know to fight effectively with a home wrecker, I sincerely wish you success in this battle! published




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