The secret of happiness

Want to be happy? There are many ways to do this, try using at least one of the 17 secrets of happiness. Forget the past
You will not be happy if you carry the burden of the past. You made a mistake? You've had a terrible experience? Be that as it may, you have to let them go. You can not change the past, so it's best to focus on the present. Take responsibility for your life
To be happy, you need to have the freedom, the freedom of choice. No matter how bad the situation, you can always choose how you act. And the responsibility for this choice rests solely with you. Do not blame their failures someone else. Build relationships
Through the relationships we can obtain true happiness in life. The reason is simple: only through a relationship we can love and be loved. Love should be your top priority. Be multifaceted
The more you know and the know how, the more you are interested in themselves and the people. Never stop learning something new, there are so many interesting things. New discoveries and achievements will make you happy. Create yourself
Decide for yourself its principles and act in accordance with them. The only way you'll always be true to yourself. Be who you have
It is not necessary to live someone else's life to justify someone's expectations. People can expect from you what you want - do not go at them on occasion, it does not make you happy. Determine the purpose of life
To be happy, you need a purpose in life. Otherwise, you'll be scattered and not collected. Your goal - is the core of your life. Appreciate what you have
Being happy is easy if you are grateful. Unfortunately, to see what we have, a lot harder than what we already have. We can not take for granted circumstances. Look around - maybe you already have a reason to be happy? Think positively
Happy people are not for a moment allow dark thoughts. They all look optimistic, no matter how bad the situation was not. Try it and you think positively. Be creative
Creativity gives strength and involves you in a state of positive: you just do not notice the failures around you. Start with what you already have
Happy people are not waiting for all my life a certain level of income or higher positions to be happy. Joy can have what you have. Stupid looking for happiness around the corner, smart - under your feet (James Oppenheim). Me
Happiness comes to those who are constantly growing, evolving, learning. Me, looking for something new, do not be afraid to experiment, away from the usual. Use your talents
First, you have to open yourself these talents, and secondly - to reveal. The surest way to happiness - to find the source of income that would help to develop your talents. Do not focus on the little things
Often small things - is the enemy of your happiness. Remember - even small cracks drown the ship, as they grow and eventually become the real bullet holes. Tames your ambitions
Ambition - it's not bad, but they should not take precedence over common sense. Otherwise, you simply re-evaluate yourself and become a laughingstock and a loser. Make others happy
It is the most effective way to be happy. On the way to one's own happiness, try to do good to people, and you will see that it is - is happiness. Happiness never comes through selfishness, only through surrender. Compassionate
This is the highest form of devotion. Most think of the people around you.



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