8 things that you'll never know

Nobody in the world can not know everything, because, frankly, we do not simply allowed. The government always keeps some secrets and mysteries with the help of laws on secrecy and privacy, which may be different in different countries, but the essence remains the same.

Of course, our right as citizens of any state, to know as much as possible, but many secrets remain secrets and most of us were never open. Learn the secrets that are kept as carefully as possible.

1) The secret of the company

Keep company secrets - the necessary legal status. After all, healthy competition is essential to capitalist society, so many companies are doing everything possible to keep under lock and key that allows them to stay afloat and do not allow the market flooded with cheap imitations. In this case, guaranteed by the emergence of monopolies. For example, if anyone ever found out the secret formula for Coca Cola, the company will not be able to produce "single cola in the world", and each of us can prepare a drink in her bathtub and spend much less. Today, therefore, the Coca Cola Company have to do anything to at least another hundred years to hold the market number 1, keeping their secrets.

2) Location of oil fields

If the government does not keep a secret place where the oil reserves, and they became known to all, valuable land immediately began to disperse hand and deposits of valuable minerals would be insanely expensive.

3) secrecy

There is a process by which the government receives information about what is happening in different countries, as well as individuals. These figures add up to a special folder. The government can open this information to the public, but this is extremely rare, and then after a certain period. It may happen deliberate leak of information, or it can be a declassified. However, most government keeps the information secret for many years, to save his reputation.

4) Bank accounts


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