10 secrets of relationships that make you look at your other half in another.

The relationship between a man and a woman - one of the central themes which, one way or another, affects all of us. Here are some secrets that will allow you to take another look at this phenomenon, as well as to expand their idea of ​​what a relationship, how to properly build and what to do to create and maintain a happy union for years to come.

Mystery number 1

With respect to each seeking attention. If either party receives less attention, such relationships are doomed to fail.

Nothing jeopardizes your relationship as a lack of attention. Negative behavior, bad character or bad habits - a trifle compared to this.

There are two forms of attention - for men and women. From women it is expected that she will listen to his companion, being fully absorbed, by what he draws it. Women form of attention did not resist and did not contradict it unconditionally agrees with all that offers a man. It is this type of attention seeking man in a woman. He needs a girlfriend always with attention, understanding, and interest applies to everything he says or offering, and always agreed to have sex with him.

Men form of attention - is the involvement in the process. Man tries to involve in the process of forming new impressions of those in whom is interested. He is trying to set the direction in everything, and offer something new - something that, in his opinion, is worthy of attention. If a woman stops to listen to such things, the man loses interest in it.

Mystery number 2

between men and women there is a link on the energy level.

Between people who for some time been in a relationship, there is an invisible channel. When people break up, it continues to function, pumping energy of one of the partners, and causing the suffering of the other. Therefore, at a distance of a man and woman alternately feel the worse the better.

When separation is very important to forgive the man to thank him for everything, and let go. The relationship will gradually dissolve.

Mystery number 3

Before you start a relationship with a woman, a man needs to get a divorce from my mother.

Mom - the first woman in a man's life. Every boy is in close connection with it up to 12 years. Then comes the period when the child falls under the jurisdiction of a father who has to teach him to be a man. But it is not always. Sometimes a man to later years remains in close contact with his mother.

This can sometimes be the mother she did not let go of his son, and the more it does not give it some girl. Instead, she will steer him and his life, not allowing a single step to make your own. Let's face it, a man can not be called a real man, and relations with them are unlikely to bring something good.

Mystery number 4

Often a woman subconsciously wants to deprive a man of manhood that he nowhere on it has not got.

Nature on man's shoulders the burden was a pioneer, innovator and researcher. Masculinity comes when you need to overcome the obstacles to enter new orders, explore new, to bring production in house. A woman is like a puzzle that unravels a man over and over again. It is his and it attracts. But sometimes a woman begins to worry that her beloved will want to investigate someone besides her.

In such cases, a woman interrupted a man desire to know anything, and it turns into an obedient son, who meets her needs to her someone studied and served. But it is, alas, not a real man, because in such situations, all of his masculinity, as a rule, comes to naught.

The Secret of number 5

Status men is directly proportional to the love of women, which he receives.

To a man in everyday life to be successful and reach more and more, giving him a lot of support and love. It concerns not only women, but also mothers.

If you notice that you do not have enough money, or something else, you need to make sure that a man gets enough power and support from his woman. His faith in him, she must make him believe in its unmatched and what it all on the shoulder. In this state, a man reaches a guaranteed longer and earns.

Mystery number 6

Love is closely linked with the development of each of the pair. If there is no development, there is no love.

If your other half speaks negatively about your desire to learn, to work and to learn something new, it is worth considering that in the relationship probably is not love.

Provided that both get enough attention, these differences should be cause for concern. If the second half will not allow you to work, courses or seminars, does not allow read or buy books, and also prohibits other activities that you enjoy and develop, most likely you're in co-dependent relationships where there is no place for love. It's more like the relationship of the victim and the executioner, who very often hold both partners because of their injuries and internal predispositions.

Mystery number 7

The man - a mirror of the woman. If you have something in it does not suit, look for the cause in itself.

If the second person does not develop, and causes suffering, and you are at the same time is not spent, it means that these relationships are beneficial to both.

If you are in such a situation, you think that you give your partner. It can be anything - the opportunity to find out for yourself with any questions or implementation of a generic scenario.

Mystery number 8

To beat women, men need to win in her eyes. To conquer a man, a woman should lose it.

The female energy - horizontal and men - vertical. Men need to grow up, and to achieve greater and greater heights, while it will become stronger and more successful. As for the woman if she chooses vertical way, while winning the men at the end of the game waiting for her astonishment, and fatigue. Such a woman is all the more lonely and unhappy, the more victories she won.

Choosing a horizontal path of development, the woman seemed to concede defeat to the men and does not seek to defeat them. But she gets peace and balance in her life come to the right people, it feeds their energy man who reaches for her purpose. Such a woman wins a result.

Mystery number 9

The man wants to turn your woman into a queen, and a woman needs a ready-King.

The woman dreams of her man helped her to know herself. That he is not passed by its various phenomena and helped her get better. On this can only King who has to deal with their children's fears and soothed the spirit of the ancestors.

To make a man king, to behave with him as a King, recognize his merits and virtues. And with such a woman a man is always in a state of happiness and abundance.

Mystery number 10

The woman loves the ears, so is not it important that a man says, it is important - HOW.

The man's voice is very strong effect on the woman's condition. If he would talk to her in an unpleasant tone to her, the woman, the man most likely refuse attention. A lack of attention to discourage men from success. Therefore, the King knows that more rapid progress in business and a good atmosphere at home, it needs to speak affectionately with his woman.

These 10 secrets - a great opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship and translate them to a qualitatively new level. With their help, you can put in order not only to family matters, but also significant progress in financial terms. So do not miss your chance!

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