Targakova Marina. Training "Secrets of women's happiness."

The woman is truly a mystery, even to herself. It is said that a girl comes into this world whole and for life itself gives away a close. If a woman is happy, you are happy with her all when a woman is unhappy, you also have to suffer much, such is the power of the female mind. How to become consciously happy? About this seminar "Secrets of women's happiness." The workshop is based on a unique synthesis of the achievements of modern Western psychology and the wisdom of ancient Sanskrit treatises. During the seminar, you will get a clear understanding of the various subtle energies that control human consciousness and behavior.
The seminar discusses topics:
 - Women - Secrets of strength and power
 - Energy femininity, inspiration, motherhood
 - Relations between men and women - the rights and responsibilities
 - How to be happy to build relationships?


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