Why do I need your Femininity, when my family have nothing to eat?

Twenty three million five hundred thirty eight thousand six hundred thirty seven

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I can honestly say that me, as a man, already got the approach to our beautiful half of humanity. The phrase in the headline of the post, with a daily frequency wafted to my ears. And I don't want to hear it!

Oh my God! You created women by women, and they want to be robots and still demand money for it! Dear women, if you really need the money, carefully read this post till the end. Maybe then you will Wake up from clouding her mind.

Standard situation: a woman comes and complains about their lack of money. Think about it, that I as a specialist have to offer? Where do the woman can come the money? Let's face it.

Money to the woman can come from two sources: either the work itself or the man gives.

However, if the woman went to the specialist is in 100% of cases means that the man in her life either absent, or it is such that it is necessary to provide the money. That is, it is, in any case, have to work.

What does “have to work”? It means to fulfill the male function, i.e. to perform certain actions for the purpose of providing, feeding, survival and protection of his family.

You will not deny that the man has been a hunter and brought into the house production, providing family. And yet, when there was a threat, he became the protector of his family. So Protection and Security is a male function.

She should understand that getting a job for money, she automatically assumes the functions of the male and female loses its essence. Her female hormones are quite quick to melt and her facial features will begin to turn into men. Not believe? Look at the hard-working women – cleaners, camensic, crane operators, tractor drivers. What they face? It is the same.

And do you think such works woman earns a lot of money? She is ruining the health, but gets less than men!

Why? Because trying to compete with men in their masculine essence! This is the same as “to go up the escalator, moving down.” Will always refer back. In the end, this will irritate, anger and sense of injustice in the world. It is impossible to be happy at his place.

And I want to say: “Go in your direction. Go down stream. Be a woman.”

But these calls are useless because moms these women during the war becoming a “man” taught his girls to be strong, courageous and rely only on themselves. And daughter, believing the mothers, did not see how to become “men in skirts” and are now forced to do to feed and protect their families. Cursing men. That is in fact yourself.

So a woman has to work, she was dissatisfied, tired, and I'm sure that if she was paid more money, she would be happy.

The formula of happiness, which she professes, looks like this: HAPPINESS = MONEY.

Of course, she tells everyone happiness is not about money, it is necessary to be a spiritual person, to love everyone, to do good, but does as her mother taught.

And our woman at work acts the same way as her mother taught – to rely only on herself. This means that it is working for all colleagues. High quality and good faith.

And does not understand why her from them no recognition. “Envy!” – think it. A me so much about myself and say, ”Jealous!”

What envy that?! Are you the daughter of Rockefeller or something? No money, no beauty – a bit of a nuisance! I envy the fact that you, as a horse plow? Jealous of what?

When I hear that phrase, I immediately thought occurs in the brain: “Oooo! How it all started!”

And what's worse, this woman even with his intuition, believing themselves smarter than him. If you're so smart get your own business open up!

Spores, dear women, is a way to show myself how smart I am, while others evoke a sense of anger at myself.

Disputes is a desire to protest. To rebel against the world. Fight. And war is the typical male lifestyle. Suggest, when you have again a desire to argue, just say to yourself: “Stop! I now what? A woman or a man in a skirt?” You know, this thought is sobering.

Put yourself in the place of the chief. You would have to raise wages to the one who is always unhappy and arguing with you? Think. what would you like to get rid of such a person. And she still asks for a raise?! In your mind forgive, God?!

And so this woman comes to me and complains about their lack of money. Think about it, that I as a specialist have to offer?

Keeping in mind all visitazione arguments, I invite the woman to develop her femininity as the only true means of attract money in abundance.

And a woman, as you already know, says to me: “I don't need your femininity, I'm already out of this age. And men don't interest me – I'm important — the happiness of my children and that financial situation is equalized.”

For her, with her experience with the Testament of the mother to rely only on herself, my advice is to develop femininity – an empty phrase. She believes that Luck will find it for what it is, it is only necessary to grasp the Luck to come here tooth and nail to wrest from life!


She doesn't understand that femininity IS the CAPITAL WOMEN AT ANY AGE.

Because femininity is the POTENTIAL of a WOMAN. And the potential in Latin potentio – ability.


And good Luck and have the Opportunity. To reach Luck, takes guts. A woman's gut instinct is not. Never!


Since it's a circle, flair and enjoyment are always side by side. A woman who is happy with themselves and can enjoy in any situation – truly feminine. And as she is able with delight to accept the situation she is wanted for the situation.

And the situation is never without people! Inside each situation. Femininity is the enjoyment of PEOPLE inside situation! People always reciprocate. They just can't otherwise. What you send people, they send in response. Trite? But for some reason many do not want to understand that they are sending to others.

Want more money, be warm. But not the parent, because you are not a mother to these people.

Show WOMEN's HEAT. What's it? We with Olesya careful talking about the training, “Ring of Femininity”. Women's warm – is the ability to give love and importance of his interlocutor, the ability to take from him all that he gives, his ability to inspire and arouse his desire to cooperate.

Cooperation increases the money supply. It is known to all.

But not everyone understands that Femininity is the desire to cooperate, help and care about a woman. Simply put, give her more money.

Dear Women, when you the fridge is empty, ask yourself: “Who am I now for the environment? A woman or a mother? If I was a Mother I must feed them. If I'm a Woman, I enjoy those around!”

And from someone Who is Near wants to do for you something good.

But if you don't feel true pleasure to Those around you, you are Mommy and you are running the program “I myself”.

Until you get this program money will not be. You can whine and complain. Nothing would help – neither the mascots nor the lottery. You will lose money at all.

To get rid of the program “I'm” using technology “Transformation DNA” training “Ring of Femininity”. The sooner you begin to understand that Femininity is not garbage, useless on the farm, but a true INCREASE in the INFLOW of MONEY, the faster you will come to stability, prosperity and abundance.

And around you'll find a Real man with good money!

This is not a slogan – this is my experience. You can read my article advertising in order to attract, so to say, customers are your business, but I'm practicing: 11 years of experience, I know that magical techniques of attracting money, dummy, spell – slow murder of the men and myself and only Femininity is the only product that really brings in abundance to the Woman all she wants.

And you can either argue with, ie the real, refusing to be a Woman and choosing the path of “man in a skirt”, or to Wake up from my mom's mistakes and make the Path of Femininity.

By and Large – a choice you have. God does not need your work to God on this planet needs Feminine Women and Masculine Men.

Ask yourself: what IS that?

And if you do not know, look at your surroundings. The answer is always in your environment.

Author: Mark Ifraimov

Source: www.markifraimov.ru/?p=665


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