15 things you can buy at the drugstore healthy man

1. Coal-tar soap

A natural antiseptic, most commonly used as a remedy for acne. For face should be applied with caution — this item, but for problem areas of the back and shoulders.

2. Different essential oils

Most preferably, the tea tree oil (organic sulfur) and almond butter (from dry cuticles).

3. Cheap nasal drops with Xylometazoline (Galazolin, Xylitol)

If to anoint the pimples before important events, the redness disappears for a 1-2-3.

4. Disposable examination gloves

For those who are uncomfortable to wash dishes in regular gloves.

5. Pipettes and syringes

Pipettes need to apply the oil under the eyes, on the nails and for the use of essential oils. Syringes without needles need to mix different types of oils and apply them on your part.

6. Radevic/Bepanten

Ointment, perfectly nourishing and healing the skin.

7. Glass spatula or disposable wooden spatulas

Useful in case if the jar of cream was not provided with a special blade, and finger cream is still better not to get it.

8. Regeln

Product containing hyaluronic acid — a great base under makeup.


Anesthetic cream that you can smear the skin before plucking eyebrows or any other hair removal. But expensive about 1200 R.

10. Clay

Used for facial masks and body wraps. The mask lightens the skin and pull comedones, black tones and smoothes the skin.

11. Herbal

For lovers of herbal tea. You can also do "beauty of ice" from decoctions of herbs.

12. Shilajit

You can add in shampoo hair loss.

13. Nicotinic acid

Remedy for hair growth in ampoules. Lubricate the roots, do not rinse. The tool that was released by "VIAL", it is better not to take because of the strong smell of tobacco.

14. Burdock oil

Used for the same purpose, but as a mask.

15. Spirulina

In spirulina contains a lot of nutrients, proteins and various vitamins. One gram of spirulina is equivalent to approximately 1 kg of vegetables. For the hair, by the way, a useful tool.

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